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How is visual learning more beneficial than traditional learning

Benefits of visual learning

 Visual learning is more beneficial and works on the principle of explanation by showing how to do and not by telling. At times of traditional training, students became part of blackboard classrooms and used to listen to the lectures delivered by the teachers and also used to put their heads in printed study materials. Now visual learning strategies are used in which educational videos are played in classrooms. International school, now focus more on visual learning style.

How education was imparted, have been completely transformed by this modern method of learning and teaching. Given below are the various ways that tell why visual learning is better:


1. Visuals Are Better Tools For Learning

Educational videos make students learn by using a large portion of their mental power, and thus these videos have a significant impact on the brain as they hasten the responses of the brain. Also, they help to retain the information for a longer time. While in traditional training all you see is black and white text. To process visual information, a major part of your brain is devoted, and it can recapitulate a picture faster as compared to a normal text. Thus through visual learning, you can store the information in your mind for immediate retrieval. Boarding schools in India far better than any normal schools, when it comes to learning as the environment developed by the staff mostly focuses on learning by different activities like sports, trekking and etc.


2. Makes Story Telling An Effective Way to Master a Subject

In visual learning, concentration is only on watching the animated videos in which every frame tells a different story. How the situation occurs is appropriately explained through videos. And when one scene ends, you chalk out all the relative points, and in this way, you move from one concept to another. Certain abstract concepts are difficult to explain by simply reading the text; in such cases, videos help in explaining the topic effectively and thus learning process is hastened.  


3. Self Help is the Best Help


In comparison to reading and memorizing from a printed book, educational videos help much better in engaging in self-study, which creates a great impact on your brain. They are the best learning tools when you want to self-study. No tutor is needed, as there are various webinars available to teach you the topic of your interest along with the various options of video and audio presentations.


4. Eases the Visual Learning Process

Visual learning helps to promote a better interaction between students and teachers in comparison to the ones developed through the method of learning from printed texts and notes. Visual learning helps students with different IQ levels and ease the process of learning for them.


5. Saves Classroom Preparation Time

Visual learning makes the process of accessing the related videos and short films really jiffy and thus saves time. While in traditional classrooms, teachers take too much time to write the subject details on the board. 


6. You Can Experience The Feel of A Classroom

Today online professional courses conducted by renowned educational platforms are gaining popularity in which knowledge is imparted through online sessions. All you need to do is register for them, and then you will have access to all the videos related to your topic, which will give you the feel of classroom learning. This is named as distant learning which is famous worldwide.


7. Makes On-the-Job Training A Reality

To complete a particular task, it is important to learn the step-by-step process which is not possible through verbal instructions, but when the instructions are given through visual media, learning becomes easy. Sometimes you might have confusion while learning, in that case, all you have to do is replay the video and you are sorted. Thus, visual training has become very much helpful to the modern-day corporates for on the job training.


8. Illustrations Pave the way for Better Understanding

Visual learning is very helpful in an effective application of assimilated visual content and makes learning easy and quick as it is easy for students to connect with images rather than text. You can recapitulate what you have learned in a jiffy through illustrations recreating the topic in your mind.


9. The Fun Element to Learning

Visual learning makes the learning process fun by establishing a connection with the video. The concentration level is thus improved by engaging you a long way with your study topics. However, in traditional learning, fun is missing as you have to sit down with your books listening to the faculty and thus making the classroom monotonous.  


10. Experience The Human Touch

Human touch promotes successful learning which is not possible in traditional classrooms where the lectures are delivered from the podium by the subject faculty. However, in visual learning. Online tutors deliver student-friendly interactive lectures leaving an indelible impression on your mind and thus establishing a strong human connection with you.



This is the age of modern technology in which innovative educational tools are making their place in schools and colleges. Visual learning helps in encouraging students to employ creative learning techniques, and apart from providing the subject knowledge, it also improves the concentration level. 

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