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Understand the Basics of Adult Learning

Do you remember the days of teacher-centered learning, the classrooms with chairs and desks facing the teacher at the front of the room and you as a student have to do whatever you were told to and have to sit quietly and listen to the teacher?

Adult Learning

Adults are capable of making their decisions and are responsible for their success. And so their approach to learning is different. Andragogy is the process to help adults in learning. Adult learning should focus on students and not on the teachers.

The Differences

 A pioneer in the study of adult learning, Malcolm Knowles, observed that best adult learning happens when:

    • Learners understand the importance of knowing or doing something.
    • Learners are free to learn in their way.
    • Learners experience Learning.
    • The time is right to learn.
    • There is a positive and motivating process of learning.


Continuing Education

 You are continuing your education when you return to a classroom to learn something new which can be listening to personal development CDs in the car or a graduate degree. 

          Common types of continuing education:

  • Earning an equivalent of high school diploma or GED. 
  • Earning a professional certificate
  •  Job training.
  • Personal development
  • Learning languages.

Where It All Happens

There are diverse methods available to continue education. The place can be your school which can be used as a traditional classroom. You can study at the time of your choice after a day of work or early morning. The completion of the program might take a few months, hours or years.

To remain fully engaged in life in later years or to find the job of your dreams, continuous learning has clear benefits.

Should You Go Back to School?

So what do you want to accomplish or learn? Do you want to go back to school for GED or a bachelor’s degree or professional certificate? Do you want to grow personally or want to advance in your field or want to learn a new hobby?

Ask yourself some questions, with the understanding of the difference between adult learning and childhood learning:

  • Why am I thinking about school lately?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Am I able to afford it?
  • What if I don’t go for it?
  • Is the time right?
  • To study, do I still have that required discipline and freedom? 
  • Can I find the apt school where I can learn the way I want to? 
  • Will I get the needed encouragement? 

Though there is a lot to think about, if you want to accomplish something, then make it happen, and there are many people available to help you.

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