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Why Homework should be Balanced

Why Homework should be Balanced

When teachers teach students in the classroom or nowadays online via video conferencing they are a bit unsure of how much students  are able to understand the lesson so to find out the teacher assigns homework to the students on the same topic and asks them to complete it by the next class. So that teacher can check the knowledge of the student for the previous lesson before going on to the next lesson.

Though teachers giving homework is good for students knowledge growth but sometimes it become hard for student to complete the homework as the students study more than 6 subjects a day and if they all give homework student is burdened by the all the homework and we even saw sometimes teacher give student a little bit of extra homework that they unable to complete so by this forget about learning students start to perform lower and lower in the classroom that’s why teacher of the boarding school of India special the girls boarding school in India have now started to give students balanced homework which they can finish quickly than they used to and perform at a high level.

Problem with Giving student extra Homework 


  • There are a lot of problems that students face as they tend to study 7 hours in school and don’t get enough time to rest their brains and to again do lengthy homework will result in low performance. 
  • Though according to teachers doing homework is beneficial for their academics but it is not so beneficial for their parents as students are left with very little time for them to spend with their family.
  • Students sometimes due to various reasons beyond their control are unable to complete homework  and just to avoid teacher scolding they start copying from their friends notebook and they are not able to learn and understand anything with this kind of behaviour. 
  • Assigning too much homework to the students will lead to poor performance of students.
  • When teachers give  extra homework,  students don’t get enough time for the social activities like playing games, spending time with friends , spending time with family, etc which is also important for the students. 
  • High school student still can manage to do extra homework but the students who are in elementary school face difficulty to complete the homework as they are young they are unable to carry extra homework which results in poor performance of the kids and its affect his creativity as he won’t be left with enough time to do extracurricular activities. 
  • When students does extra homework they feel fatigued and they become uninterested in learning their main goal then become to complete the homework rather than learning the material. 

Benefits of Giving students Balanced Homework 

Benefits of Giving students Balanced Homework
  • If students gets a balanced homework they will have more time to spend with their families and friends which help student to shift their mind from studies for some time and play games with their friends and family , this result in that the student won’t feel fatigued from his academic studies whereas parents will be happy as it brings family closer   and lastly student tends to perform better  when they feel relaxed  and happy so ultimately it’s a win win situation for all.  
  • It helps in learning and understanding as  the main purpose of homework is to help students learn so when a teacher gives balanced homework students feel confident in finishing it by himself without  depending on others or needing to copy from friends so when a student starts doing homework by itself  they tend to gain knowledge and better understanding of the material. 
  • Quality of Homework improves – When students get Balanced homework they have more time left which they can use to improve the quality of their homework and present in a good way as competitive as when the teacher gave them extra homework students focused on quantity over quality just for the sake of completing it. 
  • It helps students become creative – when students get balanced work they are left with a lot of time which they can use to do extracurricular activities and become creative in any field 
  • Improves social skills – academic is important that’s why parents send their children to schools but there is no denying that social skills are also important for children so when they get balanced homework they will likely use this time to play outside with their friends , making new friends and it helps create social skills. 
  • Improve performance of the students – Study shows that students who get balanced homework tend to perform better than the one who gets extra homework.

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