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How to Balance Schoolwork and Social Life as a Freshman in College

As a freshman in college, you’ll have a bunch on your plate. Quite a bit. So, how do you make time for everything? How do you manage your time and obligations as a freshman? Begin here.

College life is a never-ending balancing act. If students get balanced homework they will have more time to spend with their family and friends which helps the student to shift their minds from their studies for some time. You’re a student, a member of a club, a worker, and a socialite. You may feel as if you don’t have space to chill at times. However, there is indeed a way to do some of these things while still moving forward. Use these suggestions to make the most of your college experience while avoiding fatigue. It should be the most exciting period of your life, and adopting this advice will help you reach academic achievement while also allowing you to have a whole and busy social life.

Among the most exciting periods in a human being’s life is when they start college. It is always the first taste of freedom for so many young people. They will meet like-minded individuals, develop new aspects of their personalities, and create many life-long experiences. While socializing provides many wonderful college experiences, the essential thing to remember is the degree that awaits after it all. After all, students don’t want to pay for post-class meetups and weekend parties—or go into trouble for them.


Arrange your classes in order of importance


During your freshman year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize and do enjoyable things. However, before you make any judgments, consider how they may influence your education. Make sure you’re finishing your projects on time and that you’ve established a firm deadline for yourself.

Consider this scenario: you’re outside with pals the evening before an 8:30 a.m. class. When you check your phone, you notice it’s already close to midnight. It’s easy to dismiss it and continue partying—after all, it’s only one class, right? Who worries if you’re late or don’t show up at all? However, you may have a teacher who enforces a rigorous attendance requirement. Alternatively, you could overlook important points regarding your exams.

And suppose you skip this morning class regularly. In that case, it can add up and hurt your grade—not to mention the opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your teacher, who could have been a valuable mentor or even a reference letter for grants or graduate school.


Make friends with students who are serious about their studies


It’s impossible to tell who is and isn’t interested in education at college, particularly when you’re all brand-new freshmen. However, it really shouldn’t take that long for you all to figure out who is just for a degree and who is there to have fun. If you already have pals who may be more concerned with clubbing than with studying, you can expect them to drag you down to their level, if you like that or not.

Note that even the brightest students might struggle in college if they don’t grasp that intellect is only one component of success. The most important quality to have in college is dedication.


Set aside time to study


College differs beyond high school, including that you will not be in the classroom every day of the week. This implies you’ll have a bit of spare time, maybe more than you can handle. If you just want to stay on top of your studies, you must commit time to them beyond the classroom as well. So take a glance at your calendar and see when you can fit in some time for studying or finishing projects. Be any required adjustments, but make sure you’re not making excuses for not studying.

Specific focus periods might also help you focus entirely on the subject. Turn off the television, visit the library if possible, and, most significantly, turn off your cellphone. It’s fair to say that social media is a form of addiction, and the lure is strong. However, you will be astonished at how much more concentrated you are if you really can put your phone aside for the duration of your study session. Note that your scores, particularly in subjects related to your degree, might have an impact on your future. Once you’re done studying, you may snap your Snapchat selfies; it’s not going to go away.


Make social plans ahead of time


You’ll occasionally drop it all to just go and have a good time. In little doses, this is perfectly okay. However, one should, for the most part, prepare ahead. This covers it all in your schedule: courses, project deadlines, work hours, family obligations, and so forth. It will be simpler to get your schoolwork done around those activities if you try to establish social plans ahead of time as well.

You’ll have a lot of free time as a university student, but you’ll also learn how vital adequate preparation is. Instead, you’ll be readily persuaded to accept just about an invite. You’ll then lack the sense of accountability required to thrive in college. Or, worse still, you’ll not get it.


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