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When a kid is born, the individual is unaware of the vicious world. While one grows as an individual, looks around the world with own eyes, gets easily surrounded by the conspiracies of the world. 


How People Fall Prey To The Influence Of Drugs

As per your child’s understanding of the world, an adult of the family must guide the child about the good and bad of the world. The dark side of the world is hidden and protected within multiple layers, but still, it is easy for a kid to get trapped. The darkness attracts the weak and less aware section of the society as they can easily be manipulated. If one step into such evil of substance abuse and drug addictions, it completely turns upside down the life of the individual, his loved ones, his surrounding and his complete family. The individual loses all senses, educational powers, and knowledge wits.


Every addict becomes an addict under non-survival conditions, which happen intentionally or due to lack of sufficient knowledge and manipulations, which happens unintentionally. Any kind of addiction provides you a sense of happiness and enjoyment for a certain segment of time temporarily, and when the effect of the intoxicating substance drains off, the life seems the same as before, dull and sad. Taking intoxicants is just a process of escaping reality and containing yourself in a hypothetical place of happiness. This might feel enjoyable, but the results of such a practice are really bad. So, it is better if you fight your dark past in reality and come out stronger. It is not easy but for sure fruitful.


How Children Get Affected And Role Of Parents

Within the age of 12-18 years of age, children are mostly influenced by their peers and initiate the intake of intoxicants for fun and enjoyment, but they do not realize how the intoxicant is enshrouding them and forming an addiction. They find it fascinating, cool, and modernized, or the peer pressure instigates them to try drugs. Being a kid, they are also unaware of the fact how badly it affects the biological processes of the body, and the symptoms are then reflected into everyday behavior.


Therefore it is better if you teach your kids about the addictive vicinity and how to avoid such a situation. Being ignorant and avoiding such a trap is not easy; it requires a strong will, an ultimate sense of knowledge, absolute determination, and no confusion or doubt. Make it very clear into the mind of your child that any kind of intoxicant intake is intolerable and tell them the consequence of the same in their personal life, social life, and emotional life. The kids might not understand the biology of the drugs, but for sure, a 12-year-old or above is capable of understanding it socially and emotionally as per the understanding capabilities of your children brief them about drugs and intoxication in such a manner that their inner consciousness is awakened and build so strong that the child would never dare to even touch such substances.


Role Of Schools

Drugs and their impact are taught to young children in schools and colleges through morning speeches and pieces of advice; along with it, the institute arranges certain seminars for general awareness. There they tell children real-life stories and incidents about what happens to an addict and their family, how society treats them, what damages their biological body functioning, why it is unacceptable, and how it is the cause of several domestic crimes.


  • Talk to your kids as parents, tell them addiction is not a healthy choice. Addiction is moreover like a parasite which, if once enters into your body, has the only ability to replicate repeatedly and cause addiction. Restricting addiction is difficult and quite impossible to break the loop of intoxication.


  • Teach kids how it is affecting the peace of society and how it is generating crimes. You can also tell them everyday news about drugs and drug abuse, news stories about nearby people, and make them visualize the situation; this will help them understand how traumatizing it is to handle any addiction.


  • Law is something that everyone is fearful of. Tell the kids that the use of drugs is illegal. If possible, tell them about the narcotics department of the police that maintains law and order in the field of addiction and drug abuse.


  • Remember not to exaggerate the harms and harsh conditions as it might make your kid mentally weak, which might cause severe mental illness to the children. Inform them to make them strong and armed. Thus, brief according to their age and understanding.


  • Keep a lenient eye on your children, observe their behavioral changes, bind them through appropriate strictness, know their friends, always ask for places they visit, try to involve yourself in a conversation with the children, and always take strict actions if found guilty.


  • Teach your children to say no. If they stand out strong and firm, nobody can pressurize them to intake any substance or indulge in any activity without their concern.
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