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Talking to your children regarding certain things can give you little goosebumps, make you uncomfortable, and may force you to think about how I am going to discuss these things with him.

Well not knowing certain things can get them into a trap from which it will not be easy to come out. So it’s better to take a step forward rather than regretting at a later stage of life.

Here we have compiled a few ways which can help you in getting into a quiet conversation with your child. So that you can tell him the important things he or she needs to know before they can get into some ugly situations.

Time and place

Time plays a crucial role in anyone’s life, right? And so does the place. When you want to get important work done, you always want to do it at a proper home and time so that your concentration is high.

So it’s the same way it will work with the kids. You need to choose the correct time and place where you can get their complete attention, and they can understand what you want to tell them.

For example, you can talk to them before bed, on the way to school and while playing with them too.

Keep an open mind

For making your conversation productive, you need to understand his point of view too. That way, it would be more of two-way communication, and he will be able to follow you much better. Otherwise, it will be like you giving instructions and him listening to them wholly and now forgetting it later.

Ask open-ended engaging questions. The conversation should not be like the only replying yes or no; it should be like clearing doubts too. In this way, he will absorb all the essential learnings you want him to learn.

For more of a connected conversation, use the phrase I. Example I get worried when you…., I want you to…. Etc. 

Children are a reflection of their parents

Always keep this in mind that children always repeat the actions of their parents. Parents have a colossal influence on a child’s life. Usually, it is found that when a child found addicted to drugs and alcohol, they say that it’s because of their parents.

So it’s imperative to talk to them, listen to them, understand them. Ask questions.

Inform them

When you want them to stay away from certain things, you must tell them the negative impacts it can have on you.

Inform them about the problems they have to face if they use drugs. Tell them the short and long term effects drugs and alcohol can have on mental and physical health and that you never want your child to get addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Become a detective

Ask them the consequences they have to face if they use drugs. Ask them if someone ever forced them to drink or smoke. Did someone offer them drugs ever? Do they know someone who is into drugs?

Peer pressure is a critical phenomenon that forces kids to get into something which they might not want to. Take out some time and try to know his friends and surroundings and if you find something fishy, ask them to keep a distance from such people.

Support them

Teenage can be a tough phase of life. It’s the phase when one can get into some ugly habits and destroy their whole life. Let your child know that you are aware of these situations that you understand him and that you trust him.

Tell them that everyone has gone through this phase, but drugs and alcohol are not going to help them in any way. Gain their trust. And remind him that you are always there for him. Whatever the situation gets, you will always be there to guide him and support him.

Your child’s brain is still in his developing phase

It might shock you, but the human brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25. This fact might explain the fact that why do children behave in a certain way and why it’s easy for them to get distracted.

And it’s very natural for parents to get angry about seeing the child’s behavior. But don’t overreact and understand that your child is not mature enough to make wise decisions. People, even at a ripe age, tend to get distracted, so a child who is not yet mature enough to judge right and wrong can follow the wrong path too.


Always remember that you, as a parent’s, will have a considerable impact on your child’s life. Always try to get involved in your child’s life. I know it’s challenging in today’s fast-paced life to take out some time for your child. But you’ll never get to know what they are thinking or doing until and unless you talk to them. Inform them of the negative impacts of drugs and remind them that you are always there for supporting them no matter what.

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