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Effects Of Lockdown On Environment 

As we know that the coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly. Not only India, but the whole world is going through this Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this situation, the government extended the lockdown for more days. Along with India, many countries around the world have implemented quarantine and lockdown to slow down the spread of the infectious coronavirus. Everything is halt due to this epidemic situation. Whether it is industry, companies, or schools in India, everything are temporarily shut down because of widespread coronavirus infection. It canceled the flights and other journeys. Some people lost their job while others are struggling to earn their daily meals amid the lockdown.

Most of the major conferences and events such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), World Athletics Indoor Championships, and Facebook’s annual conference are canceled because of this pandemic situation. Many countries have restricted the issuance of visas and tighten their borders. Nowadays, social distancing and work from home have become the new standard in everyone’s lives.

Apart from these things, there are several positive and negative effects of lockdown on the environment. This lockdown period is a difficult challenge for all, but it’s the only way to stay safe and prevent the widespread of Coronavirus. The World Health Organization suggested that if you want to stay safe, then stay at your home.

Here Are The Effects Of Lockdown On Environment:

1. Air Pollution Dropped Suddenly

Due to the lockdown, air pollution suddenly dropped all over the world. This is one of the major positive effects on the environment because of the coronavirus outbreak. Because several industries are temporarily shut down, there is only an emergency vehicle on the road; that’s why the whole world is pollution-free. For today’s generation, this is the first time for them to see such a dramatic change in the environment.

The satellite shows a drop in polluting gases like nitrogen dioxide over the last few weeks. This harmful gas is mostly generated by power plants, car engines, and other industrial processes. It believed that air pollution causes many health problems, especially respiratory illnesses like asthma. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that every year 3 million peoples are died because of air pollution. So in some manner, lockdown is good for the environment.

2. Water Is Clean Once Again

This is another unexpected effect on the environment due to lockdown. Because of the coronavirus, the number of tourists reduced so that all the water of seas and rivers is cleaner than they have been in living memory. When the massive number of tourists visit the beaches, they pollute the seawater by spreading garbage, swimming, and motorboats. But over the last few weeks, all the journeys are canceled due to lockdown, and many economic activities stopped that cause water pollution. This amazed the peoples that how clear the water has become. The change in the water is amazing for marine life. While the Coronavirus pandemic is dangerous for humans on the other side, it becomes productive for animals.

3. Greenhouse Gas Emission

As the economic activities are halt so this also drives down the emission. While the whole world shut down the schools, factories, and shops, then the emission are expected to fall. This lockdown period lowers oil demand. The international energy agency said that this year global oil demand is expected to decline because the impact of coronavirus spreads all over the world. The coronavirus pandemic broadly affects the energy markets all over the world. The people are going through huge losses due to this lockdown this is the major effect of lockdown on environment. But lockdown is only the solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

4. Rising The Use Of Domestic Energy

In the whole world, more and more people are at their homes due to the lockdown. So in this situation, the use of domestic energy is increasing. This also becomes one of the major effect of lockdown on environment. Now many people are working from home, so the domestic energy consumption is anticipated to have increased rapidly. Due to the lockdown, all the family members are at home, and they also consume the lot of domestic energy. This will eventually save energy as the rise in domestic use is more than recompensed by the huge drop in educational and commercial building uses.

5. Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis is one of the major effect of lockdown on environment. Because of this coronavirus, all the essential works are halt. The schools, colleges, industries, and airlines all the things are temporarily stopped. All these things cause the huge economic loss in all over the world. Due to this lockdown, most of the people lost their jobs. People are not able to travel from one place to another. In every field, people are suffering from economic losses. This virus slows down all the economic activities, and the whole world is going through the serious crisis. According to the expert’s reports every day, a huge number of people infected from this virus all over the world. So the lockdown is only the solution to prevent its spread. If we do not follow this advice, then in the future, we have to face more than this situation.


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  1. jyoti sharma

    The worldwide disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous impacts on the environment and the climate. The considerable decline in planned travel has caused many regions to experience a large drop in air pollution.

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