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Why Indian Parents Are Shifting Kids To Govt Schools?

The Indian government has been actively promoting public schools in recent years, trying to reduce the number of kids who attend private institutions. These institutions charge high fees and do not provide proper facilities or infrastructure, which is why the government is doing everything it can to encourage people to send their children to public schools instead.

However, despite these efforts, parents seem to be spending more money on private tutors than ever before. And this has raised many eyebrows as well as questions about why this is happening and what it means for Indian education overall.

Because private schools and fees can range from a few dollars per month to hundreds, they can accommodate both wealthy families and lower- and middle-class families. According to parent organisations, transport companies that drive kids to school have increased fares this month in Delhi and some other cities by more than 15% to compensate for rising payroll and gasoline costs.

As per Research Conducted by Girls Boarding School for Class 11 , Indian parents are increasingly shifting their kids to government schools, but they’re also spending more on private tutors. It’s a combination that is raising questions about the country’s education system and the role of the private sector.

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Private School Fees Are Higher Than Ever

Private School Fees Are Higher Than Ever


Parents in India are shifting their kids to government schools, but spending more on private tutors.

The reason for this is that private school fees are high and the quality of education is not good enough. The parents have to pay a lot of money, but they do not get what they want.

However, in government schools, the fees are low and the quality of education is good.

Parents prefer to send their children to government schools because they do not have to pay a lot of money. But they also want their children to be taught well by teachers who are good at teaching. They cannot find these qualities in private schools so they send them to government schools instead.

But many parents do not want their children to be taught by inexperienced teachers who may not be good at teaching or have low salaries so they use private tutors instead. This means that there are more private tutors than teachers in India today!

Tuitions Are The New Normal

Students turn to private coaching during the pandemic - The Hindu


Around 20% of students choose private tuition in 2017–18, down six percentage points from 2014, when the poll was previously performed, according to the National Sample Survey (NSS) report on education, which was published in 2020. Additionally, 15% to 12% of the average household’s spending was allocated to private tutoring.

However, according to private tutors contacted by ThePrint, post-Covid enrollment has increased and parents are eager for their kids to make up for missed time due to the pandemic.

Private tutor Priya Dang claims there has been a 30–40% spike in the number of pupils contacting her for lessons from her South Delhi home. Her fees range from Rs 500 to 4,000, depending on the parent’s financial situation, and she has 35 pupils in grades 1 through 12.

Parents Put Faith In Tutors

Parents Put Faith In Tutors


Parents in India are putting their faith in tutors to help their children get ahead of the curve.

India is a country where education is taken very seriously, with parents spending thousands of dollars on tutoring for their kids and often hiring private teachers rather than sending them to public schools. The reason for this is because of the country’s emphasis on standardised testing and competition. Students who do well on these tests are given opportunities to go to better colleges, which then leads to better jobs.

Tutors are also seen as the only way to prepare students for these tests since many schools lack the resources needed to provide adequate education or training.

The demand for tutors has increased so much that there are now even specialised institutes dedicated solely towards providing great teachers who can teach both math and science subjects with ease. 

These institutes offer classes for one-on-one sessions as well as group classes where students can learn from each other’s mistakes and improve their grades through peer learning methods such as quizzes and group projects where everyone contributes ideas based on what they have learned from their previous classes.

Some Parents Try To Cut Down On Tuition By Hiring Online Tutors

Some Parents Try To Cut Down On Tuition By Hiring Online Tutors


As tuition costs continue to rise, some Indian parents are taking matters into their own hands. Instead of sending their children to expensive private schools, they’re hiring online tutors to teach them at home.

This trend has been growing for years, but it’s only recently that parents are starting to see the benefits. Not only does it save money, but it also allows children to get one-on-one attention from a professional teacher who can tailor lessons specifically for each student.

The online tutors are typically university students or recent graduates who have already passed their exams and are looking for extra income while they search for jobs in their field. Many choose this career because it allows them to work around their schedules and allows them time to pursue other interests as well.

Indian parents are trying to cut down on tuition by hiring online tutors. Students in India are considered to be very bright and intelligent. Many of them do not need any extra help from their teachers, but some of them find it difficult to cope with the requirements of higher education. The parents feel that they can save money by hiring online tutors who will teach their children at home and help them pass the exams.


Inclusion And Involvement

Inclusion And Involvement


After years of complaints about the quality of education in India’s government schools, parents are increasingly looking for alternatives to private tuition. But they’re finding that the government schools are giving them what they want—a sense of security, a sense of belonging and community, and a sense of involvement in the school system on all levels.

In some cases, it might be because the private tutors have been exposed as less than trustworthy. In others, it might be because parents have seen what happens when their children become part of a larger community at school:

they feel more connected to their peers and teachers; they get better grades; they have more opportunities for leadership roles within their classes; and they develop a sense of responsibility for helping other students who struggle academically or socially with what’s expected at this new level of education.


Holistic Development

Awakening the Sense of Creation is Necessary for Ensuring Holistic Development of Kids - Gurukul


The recent trend of Indian parents shifting their kids to government schools, but spending more on private tutors is due to the holistic development of children.

Indian parents are shifting their kids to government schools, but spending more on private tutors because they want their children to get a well-rounded education.

Parents are making this shift because they believe that public schools have better infrastructure and teachers. They also feel that it will help them give their children a better chance at competing with other students.

However, this shift doesn’t mean that parents are giving up on private tutors completely. They still want their child’s academics to be taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing, so they don’t have to stress about it themselves!


Focusing On The Fundamentals

Focusing On The Fundamentals


If you’re an Indian parent, chances are you’ve heard about the shift in focus from private tutors to government schools. You might even be making the switch for your child this year.

But before you do, it’s crucial to understand the reasons why parents are choosing public schools instead of private ones—and why they’re spending more money than ever on tutoring.

The reason is simple: parents want their children to learn the fundamentals of math, science and language arts before they start studying for higher-level exams like ISC or CBSE.

That’s why we’re seeing a tremendous increase in demand for tutors who can teach these subjects at a basic level. These days, parents want their kids to know how to multiply fractions before they even think about doing algebra. They want them to be able to write short essays and read books at a high level before they start writing research papers and analysing literature.

And here’s where it gets interesting: parents are shifting away from private tutoring services to focus on test prep and teaching students.

They learn to score higher on tests like CAT or TOEFL, they’re spending more money than ever on tutoring services that specialise in providing students with fundamental skills like reading comprehension or essay writing.


No Curriculum Pressure

No Curriculum Pressure


In India, most students are taught in private schools, which means they’re expected to study a certain curriculum. That’s where the problem comes in—the curriculum is too narrow and doesn’t leave enough room for individual interests or talents.

The main reason is that government schools offer a much more flexible curriculum, and allow students to take classes at their own pace. This means that students can learn at a pace that suits them best, without being pressured by the school or other students.



The cost of private school tuition is skyrocketing and that is causing some parents to shift their kids to government schools, but the cost of private tutors is also skyrocketing. There are many advantages to attending a public school.

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