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Top 5 strategies to motivate students

Top 5 strategies to motivate students

Motivation is a key factor when it comes to learning if a student lacks motivation than no matter how good the material is or how good the teaching technique is it won’t benefit the students as they will be less likely to grasp information and gain valuable knowledge. 

The most school still uses a traditional methodology for teaching like classroom-based learning which is the biggest reason students gets demotivated as the classroom gets overcrowded and teachers can’t pay attention to every single student and the learning classroom turn into lecture and most students take it as a time pass where they are awake in the classroom but their mind is sleeping. In the beginning, when students just starting out in a new class they are fully motivated and inspired soon after a couple of classes their motivation starts to go down and the learning process becomes monotonous which results in students lacking focus and unable to pay attention in the classroom. 

Students will never be able to understand the value of lessons they are receiving in Classroom until the teaching technique improves as currently the traditional teaching method is quite boring and to solve this problem some schools like schools in Dehradun have started to use modern teaching methods to make the classroom come alive by using the digital advance method in teaching which students from this generation can easily relate to and also focus on providing practical learning through projects and internship which gave students feeling that they are learning something valuable which will help them in their careers and just by doing this students engagement level goes up and they feel motivated in learning and experience new things. 

There are lots of strategies Educational institutions can use in order to  boost the level of Motivation among students and it is as follows: 

1.Giving Choices – The First thing every teacher can do start giving choices to students, for instance, don’t just assign one assignment to the whole classroom students will not be motivated to do that as every student is different and their preferences differ. However, if a teacher wants to assign a project/assignment to students they can give multiple choices and let the students decide which assignments they are interested in doing just by this simple technique students get a sense of Control in the classroom which makes them more engaged and motivated for doing work of their choice. 

2.Advanced Digital Classroom – Digital advanced classroom is need of an hour as This generation of students are tech-savvy so they connect more with the digital world so when teacher teach uses digital advanced technologies in teaching students gets engaged with the information and are able to understand and absorb the information in a better way making them more motivated to learn new things in the classroom. Teachers can use techniques like video, audio, infographics, Gamification of the lesson, Augmented Reality and many more. These tools can make any normal class come alive.

3.Positive Competition and Rewards –  Teachers can use Competition to their advantages as healthy competition brings out the best in students and they tend to focus and work harder so teachers can use group games or groups task where students can showcase their knowledge or skills and teachers should put a reward on these competitions as everyone loves to reward. Rewards could be anything as simple as a party, extra marks, movies and etc by these students will be more motivated to put efforts into the competition and receive the rewards. 

4.Set high attainable goals for students-  Teachers should set high goals which can be attainable for students as students won’t make efforts on their own so it’s the duty of teachers to push students to achieve high results as students are motivated when they are challenged and they will work hard to achieve high expectations from teachers.

5.Track Progress and provide Valuable Feedback –  Students can’t track their own progress as they are studying multiple subjects so it’s up to teachers track the progress of each student and provide them with valuable feedback and point out exactly what students need to focus and improve this will help students to know their weak areas and they feel motivated to improve those areas. Teachers can create an infographic to show the progress report of students making them understand how much they have learned. 


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