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  • Post published:Jun 16, 2021
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Extra Curricular Activities In School

Grades aren’t just the only factor for judging the performance of children. It’s more than this! As compared to those who have always been academically average, students who regularly achieve better results in academics do not do well later in life. The reason behind this is not necessarily that the former has not lived up to their expectations or that the latter has all the s successful connections.

Extra Curriculums are a door to the world outside

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has also passed a mandatory rule to include an additional period for Health & Physical Education for children in all schools which are affiliated to CBSE board.

Education of a child should focus on all-round development. In schoolseach activity plays an essential role in the development of students. These activities are designed to balance their academic curriculums. The main objective of these extra-curricular activities is to encourage every child that help them become healthy at physical, emotional, spiritual and almost all levels of life.

Extra curricular activities in these residential schools also help in reducing pressure & stress among children. The schools enrich the lives of students and keep them from everyday stress while helping them concentrate on their studies. Every child should grow with the happiness for the overall development of their body, mind and soul. Several factors are there that can be worked upon other than self-growth and grooming:

  1. Provide generative breaks from study.
  2. Help children improve their skills outside the classroom.
  3. Open the minds of students to new interests, thoughts and ideas.
  4. Allow them to think critically from different perspectives.
  5. Enhance their social skills & abilities.
  6. Provide work & social opportunities for community building.

Health & Physical Education 

Health is not just an absence of diseases but a state of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & social well being of individuals. This is yet an additional subject which is concerned with the overall health of learners. Except for physical health, it also includes mental & emotional health of students. In residential schools, this should be considered as a topmost priority. To be fit you can learn martial art.

Yoga for balancing mind & body

A dully & lazy body can’t carry an active mind. 

In many Indian schools, yoga has become an essential skill subject to be introduced for the well-being & fitness of students. Along with the other two courses, i.e. early childhood care & artificial intelligence, it has been introduced in their curriculum. Introduction to these additional subjects will not only make their lives easier but also help them improve concentration towards studies. This is so because the focus is on intensity as opposed to winning the race. Each child should do to achieve his or her best ability.

Special curriculum for everyone

The syllabus for special curriculum includes children with special needs. As per CBSE school curriculum, certain techniques have been introduced to differently-abled children in many games like the use of sign language, wheelchairs etc.

Art & Design

Residential schools in India attempt to bring together the best of local talents. Students are encouraged to express their feelings through art. Thus, these schools provide an outlet for their creativities.

NCC & other subjects

Additional subjects can opt other than those which are included already in CBSE board syllabus. This can be a language or subjects like Sanskrit, NCC, Painting, Music, Home Science and many more.

According to Chris Davison, “Extra-curricular activities help students to learn more about themselves. In this way, they use their skills & knowledge in different contexts.”

Last but not least, the very best part of extra-curricular is that they are an integral part of academics. These activities are meant to make teaching as well as learning more interesting for both teachers as well as students.

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