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Should Children Be Allowed to Play Videos Games?

Definition for a video game:

  • A video game is a visually played game that does not involve any physical movement of our body, except our hands which we use to control the character on the screen with the help of a controller or touchscreen. 
  • It is a sort of indoor game as it does not require much space and is played by sitting at one place. The screen may be a two- or three-dimensional device, mostly tv set, computer, mobile phone or tablet.


Why do we play video games?

The only reason video games were invented is for entertainment, where a person won’t feel lonely that they don’t have a partner to play any physical sport. As video games have built-in programs, they respond according to the user’s action through the controllers. This gives satisfaction and happiness that they are not alone.

These days people interactively play video games forging swords with other players and performing stunts with the visually designed character. They usually spend much time and money in playing it, to complete all the levels of the game. Such players are called gamers, but it has many disadvantages if it becomes an addiction or played for a long time. These have become a trend among children of age 13 to 20, which has a severe impact on their lives.

How do video games affect children?

 As there is a saying’ too much of anything is good for nothing’ playing video games for a long-time effect. 

1.Eyesight causing myopia

Not every child has weak eyes, but it has medically proven that children playing video games for big screen time and at a closer distance get spectacles at a minimum age. This may lead to loss of eyesight if prolonged.

2.Increases laziness and obesity

Children become less active, refusing to play or involve themself in any physical activity, eventually leading to inactivity and obesity, causing weight gain, dullness and slow down the brain growth. All these speeds down the mental and physical growth of a child.

3.Not feeling hungry and sick

Sitting in one place for hours, children forget to drink water and urinate; they even skip meals in the excitement of completing the level, which is very dangerous for their health. Their body becomes numb because of less blood circulation ending with sickness.

4.Change in behaviour and social being

The child tends to become more irritated and aggressive because they want to control their life as they control on the screen. It becomes difficult for them to mingle with other children and make friends. They are always lonely and left alone, so there is a chance that they get into depression which may ruin their life.

 5.Decrease in academics 

The child does not pay attention in class; interest toward academics decreases, finally grades go down. Teachers think that children are not capable of performing well, but the reason is not sleeping throughout the night, not spending time for studies and mentally affected.

6.Damages nervous system

Always staring at the screen with light affects eyesight and damages the nervous system. It causes severe headache, blood clotting and many ill effects causing death.

 7.Felt lonely and commits suicide

As addiction increases, the child does not know what to do and starts thinking of ending life. All sorts of negative thoughts come, not able to guess what is happening and because of depression, kill themselves.

Should Children Be Allowed to Play Videos Games?

 According to the top schools in India, it is definitely ‘NO’ to allow children to play video games. They recommend that kids should enjoy nature and play around in gardens, playgrounds, beaches and many more. Parents are always advised to keep their children in discipline when using electronic gadgets, as they don’t have much maturity to handle them. Give them time limits to use and monitor what type of games they are playing in it. Listen to your children’s experience in school or at home, talk with them like friends so that they don’t feel alone, have a track of your kid’s life.


The solution to this problem:

  1. Doctors suggest parents spend time with their children by talking, playing a physical game, teaching them their tradition, going for walks, cycling, practising yoga and meditation.
  2. Indoor games like chess, carom, puzzles etc. should be played at home so that children develop skills like problem-solving, concentration, patience and self-confidence. Involve in physical activities like sports, cricket, basketball, football, tennis, badminton etc. This helps kids to grow healthier.
  3. Children will learn from what they see people are doing around them. It is better than their family members avoid using electronics in front of their kids or avoid buying video games for their kids. You can give them toys which need both physical and mental involvement which won’t harm your kids in any way.
  4. Frame a time table full of different activities which they can accomplish like dance class, playing, storybooks reading etc. Which will make them busy and gaming only for an hour.
  5. As ‘Prevention is always better than cure’ prevent your child from all the ill effects for proper personality development.




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