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Teaching with Empathy and Its Importance

Teaching with Empathy and Its Importance

Teachers are the most important part of the educational institutions as the future of students depend on them so they have lots of responsibility on their shoulders to teach them efficiently so they can become successful in their life. Teaching with empathy is a tough task. Some teachers in this teaching process become too harsh on their students for the littlest of things like teachers gets annoyed when students are unable to finish homework , Come late in class , didn’t deposit his fees or not able to properly understand the lesson and they scold  the students or in some cases they even punish the students.This is the biggest reason why the relationship between the teacher and their students suffers as there is no positive connection between the two. 

The only way to make this relationship of teachers and students strong is that the teacher has to come forward and show some empathy toward students and connect with them openly without having any negative thoughts. It helps them understand their situation better and students will make students share their thoughts freely with teachers without getting punished. 

It may sound practically impossible for a teacher to keep their cool and show empathy when they are annoyed with students but there no other way to change the pattern of s so that’s why some schools like boardings school of India and mainly boarding school in Dehradun have stated to use the classes for the teacher where they learn to empathize with students so they can understand the student’s difficulties in learning and help them perform better in class this create a healthy relation between students and teacher.

Importance of Teaching with Empathy 

Teaching with Empathy is very important in this modern world as students are facing lots of problems including high study pressure, anxiety, mental health issues and they need someone to understand them and help them to get out of their problems that’s where the teacher comes in .

Teaching with Empathy and Its Importance

Here are some significance of Teaching with Empathy :

  • As Everyone is different and it’s ok to be different so When teacher empathise with student they are letting students know the difference is ok  as some students are good in study other are poor in studies so the teacher will not measure all students by one stick they will try to put more effort on poor performing students and try to improve their performance. 
  • It creates open dialogue between teacher and students as they can share their thoughts freely with each other and this creates a healthy environment of learning where teachers are not annoyed when students ask multiple questions.
  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress of students . When student have strict teachers they tend to have high stress and anxiety levels as there is no room for mistakes whereas when teachers show empathy it creates a learning environment where students can make 1000 mistakes and learn from it. It helps them in better understanding of the material and their stress and anxiety level goes down. 
  • It helps in building trust as students openly share their deep thoughts with the teacher and the teacher can understand what the student is going through and then after listening to them the teacher can help students in a better way this creates trust between teacher and students.

Ways Teacher can become more Empathetic 

Ways Teacher can become more Empathetic
  1. Students will learn whatever  teachers will teach them so if teachers show empathy toward students  they will gradually start to empathise with others as teachers work as a role model . Not only this creates a healthy environment but it creates a better world. 
  2. Teachers  of the girls boarding school in Dehradun can create an environment where they can discuss differences without being judgmental or getting angry at others . This help in learning and understanding different side of the story as in today’s world nobody has patience to understand other they only believe what they know is right and try hard to prove that this Create clashes so to remove this problem teachers should be empathetic towards students so they can learn the value of empathy at a young age and can implement that in their life.
  3. Teachers can Create opportunities for collaboration as they can assign projects or a they can play a team game or activities where they can use the group to build bonding are create a healthy relation 
  4. Teachers can share his personal experience to students and help them relate with him as this bridge the gap between students and teachers and students can relate to it in a deeper level and this create a healthy environment.

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