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Importance of Teaching Learning Materials

Our world is evolving at a rapid pace due to advanced technological development and a rise in awareness among people on issues which are important to mankind like, education, health, science, etc. This education awareness has led a big impact on the way of teaching whereas earlier our teachers were using lecture-based learning which produced low result but in recent years things have changed as the teachers of many schools such as boarding school of Dehradun or girls boarding schools in Dehradun are now developing a class which is more focused on children learning as the pattern of teaching is more engaging than ever with the help of learning materials like maps, drawing, graph, video, image, etc and by this students are learning, understanding and gaining valuable knowledge. The importance of teaching learning materials has increased in recent years due to the following reasons. 

Need of teaching learning materials


  1. Help in Developing Critical and Creative thinking – As the pattern of teaching has changed from passive learning to active learning in the past few years and teachers now are actively involving students in a learning process by putting them in a practical experience of material and give freedom to analyze and understand the material closely, for example, the teachers of boarding schools in Dehradun, in order to teach students what is a cell, how it was invented they just give all the tools that Robert Hooke have at the time when he discovers cell so now students have to use their logical reasoning to find how the cell was created, by this type of teaching student, can understand it way better this will allow them to develop critical and creative thinking which will help them to become future thought leaders.
  2. Student Enjoy Learning – Gone are the days when a student used to go to school and was focused on marks than knowledge which makes the student lose interest and he was not able to enjoy his study and gain valuable knowledge but now teachers have become very engaging with the student and don’t depend solely on books as they are  constantly creating engaging practical content to grab the attention of a student which students finds more informative and engaging and thus it makes students enjoy education  more rather than a feeling uninterested
  3. Easy to learn – If we compare today’s education with the past one thing you will notice is that earlier learning was hard as comparative to today as earlier the teacher teach the complex material with a speed which half of the class won’t able to understand and than those students who didn’t able to understand that has to take help of rote learning just to pass the exam and now teaching are putting efforts in teaching and are explaining complex material in such innovative, practical and engaging way that student finds it easy to remember the material. 
  4. Familiarity – The teacher uses learning materials like maps. Chart diagrams, photos, videos, and etc things which the student is very much familiar with, and this helps him to learn effectively as they are able to absorb this information more easily than the plain words.
  5. Gaining Knowledge which student can use in the real-world – Earlier we used to study lots of material in school which doesn’t help us a bit because we actually never understood it all we did was rote learning and forget it after some time but now student are learning materials in a deeply practical way with the help of logical reasoning and creative thinking that now they are understanding the most complex material easily and not only understanding but actually implementing the gain knowledge in their lives and this all happened just by changing the way of teaching.
  6. Reduce Anxiety or Boredom  – The teacher is now helping all group of students by presenting information in a more engaging way to help the student learn and understand the material in a better way which makes a student less anxious about the result as a student is not going to school to get good marks but he is going to get valuable knowledge which he will use throughout his life. I and they find it more interesting without ever feeling bored. 
  7. Increase Motivation – Students can’t learn if they don’t have the motivation, so motivation can only come from when a student feels engaged and gets assigned a task in which they feel actively involved in the process of learning that’s why now teachers are using this approach to get such student involved using learning material in which they are familiar and can learn fast and effectively and feel motivated in the process of learning and when the teacher teaches them by using learning materials student won’t feel monotonous.
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