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You are currently viewing How to maintain good mental health during COVID-19 lockdown
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  • Post category:News
  • Post published:Apr 20, 2020
  • Post last modified:Feb 2, 2021

How to maintain good mental health during COVID-19 lockdown

Originating from Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has now spread its tentacles across the globe. Despite strict lockdowns and social distancing, the number of people getting infected from COVID-19 is increasing day by day.

Recently the government has increased the lockdown period to 3 may. We still don’t know if the lockdown will end on the third of may or not. The coronavirus is not only affecting people physically but also impacting their mental health. Many people are stressed and are in fear because of the turn of events happening around the globe.

Keeping people inside the house is an excellent way to end the COVID-19, but it is also affecting the mental health of people. Not being able to step out of the house and staying inside one place for such a prolonged duration will make a person frustrated and lazy.

We understand the difficult times we all are going through. So we have compiled a few ways which can help you to fight the stressful situation and stay happy and calm inside your house.


In a stressful time where you can’t go out of your house, meeting your friends can become a very tough situation. The best thing which you can do is stay connected with your friends, family via online platforms like email, WhatsApp, social media, video conference, or even talk to them over the phone.

Share your feelings or daily lifestyle with them if you are feeling more stressed talk it out.

Being in one closed place for a long time gives us a frustrating feeling but try to understand that it is for the best for us.

Lockdown and away from work doesn’t mean that you stop thinking about your health and is only involved in sleeping and eating day and night. Here are some of the tips which would help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Plan a daily schedule and follow it.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep and eat nutritious food.
  • Engage in activities like exercise, yoga, meditations, or anything that you like.
  • Try to learn a new skill.


Always try to remain calm and stay positive. Remember that the lockdown is a temporary period, and it will open after some time. Everyone is going through some or other problems during the lockdown.

Remain inside your house and follow the rules and guidelines given by experts and health care people.


To fight any battle, you need to know everything about it. Think of this as a battle and try to gather as much information about it from reliable sources. The more informed you are, the more you will be able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the virus.

Many rumors are also spread around the corner. Try to keep yourself away from such talks and only read news and information from reliable sources.


If you feel like things are going out of your control and you are becoming more frustrated, stressed, and anxious, then take help from outside.

Medical health services are available for all your problems. If you feel like the stress is affecting your daily life and you are not able to perform your daily tasks, then you should seek professional help.

These are challenging times for all of us, and everyone is facing different problems in this situation. It is very vital that, along with our physical health, we also take care of our mental health because this pandemic will surely have a grave impact on our physical health as well as our mind. So follow the safety measures and be involved in some engaging activity and stay positive.

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