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  • Post published:Mar 15, 2021
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Customizing your school locker

Getting a personal locker in school to keep stuff and decorating it with’s own ideas has always been a topic of excitement among the high-schoolers. Everyone wants their locker to be unique and more interesting than the others. Some organize theirs very well, and some create a mess out of it (perhaps overstuffing it).

We’re here to help you with your locker to make it the most unique and interesting one. We’re here to make your locker a reflection of your likes and thoughts. To retain your eyes on the article and get some good ideas for your locker from us. We’ve put the whole classification of your locker-customization into three steps. First, we will go through decor ideas for your locker, then furthermore a list of your possessions to be kept in the locker, so you don’t get over stuff. And ultimately, a list of emergency items to keep in your locker. Boarding schools provide lockers for their students due to long schooling hours some boarding schools in Dehradun provide proper lockers to their students to keep emergency items. 


  • Wallpaper – You can always stick wallpaper on the walls of your locker (on the inside). Your wallpapers could be of anything you really like. For instance, it could be of your favourite movie star, marvel, car/bike, anime, or even a favourite band. The wallpaper will give a lively vibe to your locker, and others will instantly know whose it is when they see it.
  • Locker shelf – This is more of a utility creating thing. You can either put a ready-made or a self-made shelf in your locker to better organize its contents.
  • Sticky hooks – you can put sticky-hooks on your locker’s wall to hang your stuff onto it, like your handy bag or earphones. And sticky hooks come in different designs, too, so you can more customize your locker design.
  • Storage organizer – A storage organizer, is more of a door hanging type thing that has pockets in it to keep your stuff, and it sticks to your locker door. You can buy this thing from Amazon or any local stationery store.
  • Phone case – The phone case is the same as the storage organizer, it’ll stick to a wall, and you can put your phone into it for when you can’t take it to the classroom.
  • LED light – You can also attach a portable LED light over the ceiling of your locker to lighten up the darkness and maybe give it a bright ambience.

Self possessions

  • Schedule – The most important thing for any student is to first have his/her schedule. You can stick your schedule paper to any one of the walls or perhaps the door of the locker.
  • Sticky notes – For extra activities apart from your schedule, you can put up sticky notes all over your locker’s contents to remind you of it.
  • Books – No need to explain. I just mentioned in the list that the locker is for the books too.
  • Extra stock – Extra stock of pen, pencil, etc., must be kept in your locker for easy access or when you forget to put them in your bag.
  • Crafts material – It is always helpful to keep a short number of common craft items in your locker. You may need them anytime, for instance, when you’re planning an event with the group.
  • Gums – Gums as in a mouth refreshing stuff to be kept in your locker to stay upbeat throughout the day.
  • Hairbrush – You may also sometimes require a hairbrush to maintain yourself.
  • Extra specs – For the ones who wear numbered specs, you don’t know when something may go wrong, and the specs you’re wearing may get broken. For those times, having an extra set of specs in your locker would be helpful.
  • Lipstick – Just like the hairbrush, girls can keep lipstick in their lockers to maintain themselves.



  • Pads – Girls can keep extra pads stored in their locker for their menstrual cycle.
  • Tissues – Everybody needs tissues, right? So that can also be kept in the locker.
  • Hand sanitizer – Especially after such a pandemic, keeping hand sanitizer is a must.
  • Handy first-aid – You must also keep a handy first aid in your locker, which may contain cotton, personal meds, glucose, band-aids, etc.
  • Wet wipes – Wet wipes are very helpful in freshening your mood and energy throughout the whole day long schooling.
  • Money – Apart from your pocket money into your wallet/purse, you should always keep some pittance into your locker for any sudden need.

So now you’re all set for customizing your locker appropriately and efficiently manage it. Just remember, it should include all your important school-related stuff to help you at all times. And one more thing, never forget to lock that locker.

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