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What drives parents’ decisions to send their kids to boarding school?

So, what drives parents to this controversial choice? Most parents who decide to send their kids to boarding school are motivated by the same driving factors as when they choose other schools.

A recent study by the National Association of Independent Schools found that 91 percent of parents are satisfied with the academic quality of their child’s boarding schools in India.


Parents are also impressed with boarding schools’ extra-curricular offerings; they cite opportunities for community involvement and hands-on learning experiences as some of their favorite aspects of boarding school life.

As for the academics, some boarding schools offer a choice between college preparatory courses and a more specialized focus in the arts or sciences. The majority of parents surveyed say that they are pleased with their child’s chosen course of study and satisfied with the opportunities available to them at their boarding school.


Parents are also pleased with how well their children adjust socially to attending boarding school; 83 percent report that their child is happy at his or her current school, and 45 percent say that it was better than expected. A large majority of parents — 92 percent — said that if they had it to do over again, they would choose a similar.

For parents, sending a child to boarding school means making a tough choice. There are a lot of factors to consider, and no two situations are the same. But when parents do opt for boarding school, they know they’re giving their kids an opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The benefits can be many. Boarding schools tend to have longer school days, which means more time for learning. They also have smaller classes and more individual attention from teachers, which can mean a better education overall.


Boarding schools aren’t for every student who might benefit from one, though. Some parents worry about social skills and other aspects of life on campus that their child will miss out on if they go away to school. These fears aren’t unfounded — it’s true that students who go away to school can miss out on some important experiences — but there are ways to mitigate those concerns through the boarding school experience or by combining it with other educational opportunities.


The majority of parents send their children to boarding school for a range of reasons. They might want them to be educated in a particular subject, or they might believe that it is a better way of life and environment for their child. Whichever reason, there are many factors that go into the decision whether they should send their child to boarding school or not.

Traveling with your child can be fun as you experience new things together, but if you are not a good traveller, it can be stressful and tiring. This can have a negative impact on your relationship with your child. If you are staying at hotels and eating out for every meal, this will be expensive and unhealthy.

Boarding schools offer routine and structure for all the students. This is often what is missing from home lives for parents who feel worn out by the constant demands of parenting. Boarding schools also offer education that parents may not be capable of providing at home. There are many subjects that require specialist teachers which you may not have access to in your area, or they may not be able to afford private tutors. It can also give your child the opportunity to try out different sports as well as participating in extra-curricular activities without worrying about school work affecting their grades too much.

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