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Boarding school can be a terrific way for kids to get a taste of a different kind of education that is both psychologically and academically interesting. Our boarding schools at Ecole Globale give your child many opportunities to improve their interpersonal skills while preparing them for the difficulties of maturity.

There is a lot of planning to be done as your child’s first day of boarding school approaches. Aside from bringing the appropriate clothing and personal stuff, there are a few additional things you can do to help them adjust to boarding school life quickly. Here are some helpful hints for preparing your child for boarding school and settling in once they arrive.



Boarding school is a significant adjustment in your and your child’s lives, and it may cause some anxiety before they leave. It’s very natural for your child to be concerned about what lies ahead. It’s critical that you discuss these with your child so that you can reassure them before they arrive.

Our boarding schools at Ecole Globale are designed to be extremely friendly environments. They allow children to make friends fast, and staff members are on hand to assist if additional encouragement is required. Discuss these topics with your youngster, putting any worries to rest.



When addressing your child’s transition to boarding school, keep in mind that it will most likely be an enriching environment in which he or she will thrive. Recognize any fears your child may have and attempt to find ways to turn them into positives. Any reservations will be forgotten once they’ve settled in and met new friends, and you can see how much they’re enjoying themselves.

Make sure you emphasize how exciting your child’s new journey will be whenever feasible. Remind them of the wonderful features of boarding school living so they can begin with the greatest possible attitude.



Boarding schools help students develop a variety of social and independence-related skills. Long before your child moves in, you can start teaching them the necessary skills to help them adapt and become more self-sufficient.

Introduce some simple everyday tasks that will help you gain more independence. Make it as relevant as possible by reflecting on what they would be expected to do once they begin boarding school. They may never have been required to accomplish simple duties on their own, such as making their bed or getting ready for school. Before they depart, get them into a schedule so they can put their new abilities to use at boarding school.



A scheduled boarding school campus tour is required in the weeks leading up to your child’s first day. This will allow your child to acquire adjust to their new surroundings while being accompanied by a familiar face. Make sure your child is familiar with every facet of their new surroundings. Explore the dorms and amenities and make as many introductions to parents, children, and teachers as possible.

When it comes to the first day, a boarding school will no longer be as intimidating. Your child will already be aware of other children and will be able to draw on their understanding of the campus layout.



No matter how well prepared you are, your child may experience homesickness and yearn for the familiar comforts of home. If this happens, be there to reassure them that their feelings are normal.

Give them strategies for dealing with homesickness if they experience it again. Pack two or three special objects from home that provide them comfort, for example. Remind them that you’re just a phone call or Skype call away whenever they need you.



Boarding schools, like any other educational institution, have developed over time. Today, boarding schools are close-knit communities with enjoyable, engaging activities that introduce students to various cultures and stimulate exploration.

Boarding schools strive to create an atmosphere that feels like a live, breathing town in which your child will be a part. Dorms will feature other members of your community, allowing them to form connections, improve social skills, and develop camaraderie with those with whom they will be sharing an experience.

Their dorm will be accessible to university as well as local facilities like cafes and supermarkets, giving them a sense of freedom that will be important as they make the move to adulthood.

Today’s boarding schools also place a strong emphasis on each student’s well-being, recognizing the value of good mental health in education. In dorms, committed personnel (commonly referred to as Dorm Parents) are responsible for establishing a pleasant atmosphere within the dorms.

Boarding school is a fantastic option for your child to improve his or her academic, social, and independence skills. We run some of the best boarding schools in the world at Ecole Globale.

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