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Common Questions For School Interview

Common Questions For School Interview

Any organization conducts an interview to better interact with the student, parent/guardian or employee. This is a medium to know a person more closely not just regarding the skills but also acknowledge personally. The main motive is to understand the mental status, stability, dedication, behaviour, dreams, aspirations, physical behaviour, thought processing, family background, persona, etc. The interviewer mostly asks general questions that are based on your past work experiences, life expectancy, work behaviour, emotional intelligence, and family connections that are to be answered accordingly with a person’s wits because the skills are judged during the written examination round. In a school interview, the interviewer at first tries to make you comfortable so that you do not get nervous or stressed that might affect your interview.

Also, it is not necessary to answer immediately because it is not a rapid-fire round. While answering make sure that you answer confidentiality and present your viewpoints very clearly (not in a confused state of mind); so, it gets easy for the questioner to understand your thought processing and reaction abilities. Also, don’t try to exaggerate the answer try to be crisp and true to the question.

Questions to Parents:

1.” What made you choose this school?” is a very general question which is actually for feedback and for improvement in the school facilities and management.

2.“How do you manage your children?” is a question to understand the child’s living environment. This is because the child absorbs almost everything from the environment one lives in i.e., school or home.

3.“How do you take care of your child’s education?” this means how you manage time for your children to look after their studies. Moreover, it is a way to ask, who is the tutor of the child at home, mother or father?

4.” What are your expectations from your child?” is a question to know your dreams as parents for your children. This is more like asking what kind of life you want your child should acquire in his/her long-term life goals. The main reason behind a child’s depression is the high expectation of parents that they put on their young minds, this is nothing less than a burden.

5.” How you teach them basic values?” is to know how well and strong the foundation of humanity is built by the parents. The first grooming of a child is done by parents that build the behaviour traits and shapes the thought processing of the child. Also, the ability to react or act during times of difficulty and the feeling of sympathy and apathy is constructed based on the foundation laid by the parents.

Questions to Students:

1.” What are your hobbies?” is a type of question that tells the mental functioning of the child as whatever we love to do during our free time is our leisure activity, and this helps to know a lot about someone’s personality traits.

2.”What is your favourite subject” talks about your taste and field of interest. This tells whether you are more suitable for intellectual works or artistic expressions or physical loads or poetry/literature.

3.“Tell us about yourself” is for understanding the roots of the child. Like it is a way to ask an introduction about you, your family, your roots, house, previous education, etc. 

4.” What are your strengths?”  it is to understand your abilities and skills that help you in managing yourself at different levels of difficulty. It is the way of asking how do you manage your day to day problems to tackle them.

5.“What are your goals?” this is one the most important question that must be answered a true as possible because it is to know what you want from life and from yourself. Basically, it tells how passion you sustain towards making your life worthy. May be your goals do not sound so fascinating but you must always have a clear vision about what you want to aspire whether it is a short term goal or a long term goal.

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