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You are currently viewing The Students Of Ecole Globale Embody Success in CBSE results 2022
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The Students Of Ecole Globale Embody Success in CBSE results 2022

The long wait seems to end. The students of Ecole Globale have once again proved to be on top of their game. With their high scores and willingness to perform the best they can, nothing can stop them. The students have shown this by showing great success in CBSE results in 2022.

In a recent survey, people discovered that NRIs preferred Ecole Globale International Girls School for their daughters’ education. As the school moved closer to a new academic session in 2022, the number of NRI admissions increased significantly.

According to Naina Dhillon, Principal of Ecole Globale International Girls School, “We received higher applications from NRI students this year compared to last year.”

The students of Ecole Globale International Girls’ School have scored excellent in the CBSE 2022 exams, but what makes the results great is the infrastructure and the teachers. 

The teachers are ready to take the pain for the students. Offline or Online, teachers have been working hard for a long time to ensure that their students have access to good quality education. They have also tried to ensure students get good marks in the CBSE exams.

That is not all; many other factors make these results great. One is that schools have good infrastructure, enabling teachers to teach their students effectively.


Ashi KetanCommerce99
Doyel RoyHumanities98.4
Bhavika YadavScience95.4%


Polishing Personalities with the bonus of the “Finishing School Certificate.”

The first school in India to offer the “Finishing School Certificate” is Ecole Globale.

As a significant expression of women’s economic empowerment, the introduction of the Finishing Institution curriculum has been an unparalleled expansion for the institution. The pupils are adept at handling boardroom discussions, making decisions, and ensuring the smooth operation of the family.

Through its program, Ecole Globale seeks to provide young women with a strong foundation in all parts of life. This program goes above and beyond to give women a magnetic appearance that dazzles everyone around them. Their evolving personalities become one of the key characteristics that set them apart.

It is crucial to have a developed character when leaving school. It helps you to be more confident in yourself and your abilities. It also makes it easier for people to get along with you and trust you.


Students from Ecole Globale International Girls’ School excelled in their 12th CBSE

Thirty- Nine students showed up to take the Class XII CBSE exam. The school’s average is a stellar 91 percent.

Ashi Khetan scored 99 percent on average and is the batch leader. 

In six subjects, fourteen students received 100 percent marks. Nineteen pupils achieved a grade above 90%.

The top three students per stream are Ashi Khetan in commerce (99%), Doyel Roy in humanities (98.4%), and Bhavika Yadav in science (95.4%).

The children in the school get better every year. They serve as proof that achievement never ends. 

The CBSE class 12 exam results serve as the primary criterion for evaluating whether pupils are qualified to enroll in their preferred stream for the future. One can choose their career path by looking at one’s marks in each topic, representing how interested or uninterested one is in that field.

The students are now of an age where they may identify their interests and choose wisely. The stream ultimately determines one’s future employment prospects they select in class eleven.


How To Check CBSE Results 2022

According to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, the release of the CBSE 10th and 12th-grade results are on track, and there is no delay “as planned. “Because he just spoke to CBSE officials, Pradhan claimed in a media interview in Kanpur that there is no delay in releasing the CBSE results. “There hasn’t been a delay in the CBSE results. I recently met with CBSE (officials), and they assured me that the results would be released on time “and built using ANI. The students gave CBSE exams through June 15.

Anyone anticipating the results can check them on the websites listed below:





2022 CBSE 12th Grade Results How to check CBSE results online using websites

Visit the official website at either https://results.gov.in/ or https://www.cbse.gov.in/.

  • Select the CBSE Term 2 Result for Class 10 link on the website.
  • Your 10th grade CBSE result for 2022 will appear on the screen. 
  • You must enter your birthdate, school code, and exam roll number.
  • Please print out the page for your records by downloading it.


For convenience, the Class 10 Term 2 CBSE Results 2022 will also be available online on DigiLocker at digilocker.gov.in. We advise pupils to remember this.


 How to view CBSE results 2022 using DigiLocker

  • Visit the relevant mobile app or the official website, digilocker.gov.in.
  • Type in your login details, including your Aadhar number, etc.
  • On the home page, select the Central Board of Secondary Education folder.
  • Select the “CBSE Term 2 Results for Class 12” file.
  • Your approximate grade sheet will appear on the screen.
  • You can download and save the PDF for later use.


Due to high visitor levels, websites frequently crash or run slowly on results day. Because they can use SMS capabilities to check the CBSE Result 2022 offline, students don’t need to be concerned about these circumstances.


Results for the 12th grade in 2022 How to check CBSE results via SMS

  • Launch the SMS program on your phone.
  • Dial 7738299899 to text.
  • Enter the following message: as cbse12 <space > roll number.


Your 2022 CBSE 12th Grade Results will reach you by SMS. 

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