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How Digital Age is Affecting Students

How Digital Age is Affecting Students

We are living in a Digital age where advanced technology has made the life of humans so easy as well as effective and mostly everything depends on it like we can get any information about the world with just the click of a button or we can connect with multiple people at once with the help of web conferencing. The only sector that benefited from new technology was the educational sector as the growth in educational technology has completely changed the learning process of the students as many schools like Boarding schools especially the boarding schools in India has introduced a new way of teaching using Ed-Tech that made the learning engaging fun and more interactive.

Nobody thought technology will take over the classroom as earlier whole education depends on classroom-based learning where the teacher used to teach using a chalkboard  which was not engaging nor beneficial but now things have changed students are living in a digital age has been beneficial for students in a lot of ways and it does have many positive effects on students so let’s discuss some of them :

  • Schools used to care about marks which made students learn just to pass the test or get good marks without caring about understanding the material and gain knowledge which led to Rote learning which was not at all helpful in the long run but now in the digital age students are more focused on learning the material than just to get marks as the lesson has become more practical which help students to learn and understand them and gain practical knowledge. 
  • Students are able to develop real-world skills early in life as teachers are using different models of teaching like project-based learning or using Augmented Reality technology to teach students which give them the freedom to use their knowledge and can be as creative as they can and develop a plan to solve the problem by themselves without teacher help this kind of project and Ed-Tech facilities help students build skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and most importantly they become creative at an early age when they get this kind of experience at an early age.
  • Students have become dependent on technology for learning because new technology is helping students learn in a way which no one has ever imagine like gamification of learning, stories coming to life or AR apps this technology is so advanced and useful that when students learn using these they able to engage with it and understand it little better and it has seen that students who learn using new technology tends to perform better as they are able to grasp that knowledge faster but in a fun way so students have really depended on Ed-Tech for their learning.
  • It Encourages the student to do self-paced learning as all the information is online so students who aren’t able to understand the teacher concept usually tend to leave behind but in the Digital age, students don’t have to worry about that as all the lesson will be recorded in an online education which they can see again to clear all doubts and even then they face any problem there is so much material on the internet which can help them learn using a different method but learning never stop in this digital age.
  • Students are now comfortable with online education as before Technology boom students are a bit hesitant to study online as it was quite costly and there were not proper resources by which they can study online and it also wasn’t considered as valuable it was considered a waste of time and money, classroom-based learning was the number one choice but after the technology boom, Online education has become so cheap and advanced that now classroom-based learning has become outdated parents are now insisting students take online education from the comfort of their home.
  • The biggest impact of the digital age is on primary school students as they were not able to pay proper attention in a classroom-based environment but when online education took over and teachers changed the way of teaching and started used new ed-tech to teach students the learning became more engaging as students learn the material in form of the game, 3d graphic or even in form of a story in which the characters of the story interact with the student that’s why students find it quiet interactive and engaging this enhanced the learning process of students which ultimately improves the performance of students.


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