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Everyone in some of the other points of their life might have thought of starting their own business. But not everyone gets success in the path of entrepreneurship. What’s the difference between those who make it huge and the ones who leave it midway and go back to where they started?


No matter how many times you have tried something, you still will have a fear inside you the next time you try it. So starting in some new business would give a chill down the spine.

Let’s discover the fear of starting a new business, and how to overcome it?

  • Not knowing where to start.

Most people do not know where to start; they get confused and demotivated even without doing anything particular in reaching their goal.

Start by finding out someone you have ‘been there and done that,’ i.e., find a person who has already achieved what you want to accomplish in your future.

Read about them, how they started, and, if possible, get in touch with them. Maybe successful people can help you in getting your goal.

  • Not being an expert

It’s okay not to be an expert in the field. There is no wrong age to learn something new. With the advent of online technologies, everything is available to us with just one click.

  • Being considered crazy

People always have a habit of mocking and making fun of others when they are doing something different. People will say you are making a mistake, taking a risk, etc. but what’s the worth of life without taking any risks?

Do not listen to anyone; do what feels right for you.

  • Not finding funding

Not everyone can afford to invest vast amounts of money or take loans from banks. But that doesn’t mean that you can start your own business. You can start small and then end up doing big things. Not starting just because you do not have enough funding is not an option to settle.

  • Not being believed in

People who are not doing anything worth living, do you want motivation from them?

If people do not believe you, then it shouldn’t come as a hindrance in between you and your goals.

  • Not attracting customers

It might be a possibility that you won’t get success at the start. But that doesn’t mean you will stop. Give some time, and good things will inevitably happen to you—work in marketing your business and try to reach potential customers. Slowly you’ll have the customer base you need.

  • Being incapable of handling success

Being successful is one thing and handling success in another. Many people are not able to handle their success. They become egoistic and stop working or stop talking to their friend circle. Sometimes you have to walk alone on the path of progress, but still, you need some people to support you.

  • Failing the family

Sometimes the fear of failing is not what’s stopping us from achieving our dreams. It’s the fear of failing our family, which comes into our mind when we start something new.

You have some responsibilities at home which you have to fulfill. But that doesn’t mean you’ll stop working on your dream. Try to talk to your family and try to manage things, and things would work out for sure.

  • Not earning enough to recover an investment.

Sometimes while working, entrepreneurs observe that they are not able to get the profit from their business to recover the investments. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. Keep working for some time. And even then, if you don’t see any positive outcome, then always remember that you can always begin from the start.

  • Discovering everything goes wrong.

Sometimes things don’t work the way you planned it to work for you. But it’s okay. You can always make corrections in life when you feel like everything is going wrong.

Stay confident and work for your success.

Some entrepreneurs work sometime in the industry to gain knowledge and experience, and then side by side, start working on their own business. 


  • Ability to build a potential client base
  • money/steady paycheck
  • Opportunities to network
  • Further, develop skills
  • Learn more about industry/marketing they are hoping to operate

Here are some stats which can give you some insight regarding starting your own business

  • 33% of current business owners were working full time for someone else when starting their business.
  • 73% of those who dream about starting a small business say that talking to people firsthand in their situation would be helpful
  • 82% of small business owners who had a mentor while starting their business found mentorship very INFLUENTIAL.
  • 55% of current small business owners felt prepared as a whole when they were first starting their business
  • More than half of the small business owners say they were better prepared to begin their company than they thought they were.

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