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  • Post published:Apr 13, 2021
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Importance of Developing Thinking Inventory in Students

What is more important in teaching? Information or method? Well, to be honest, they both are equally important and have to be handled side by side without tipping the scale on either side. A teacher has to treat both these powerful learning tools wisely so as to stimulate their students’ thinking capacity. It is very crucial to make our children develop a habit of maintaining thoughts about the world around them-  thinking inventory.

Why is it important to develop thinking inventory in students?

Students in the modern world have to juggle a lot of things together. They have to manage their academic grades, work on their sports inclinations, manage their social gatherings etc. When it comes to handling all these things, a student should be able to make time for all these activities without having to make any compromises with their interests. This is where thinking inventory comes into play. When a student is made to work on his thoughts positively and productively, they become more organized at their studies and would be more managed towards their work schedules once they become professionals. Increasing their thinking capabilities helps them become better at everything they might put their thoughts and efforts into.

How to help the students to develop thinking inventory?

There are a number of ways to increase the power of a person’s mind and body faculties. In the case of a student or a classroom scenario, we have accumulated a few tips for teachers to follow to inculcate thinking inventory in their classrooms along with managing their academics.

  1. Having conversations that no one is having – When the students are talked about things that matter or that they might have to think about when they go out in the professional world, they become more active and creative about finding solutions to problems of the society at large. Suppose the teacher initiates a discussion about the traumas students face and ask their for suggestions on how to handle such situations, the teacher is directly enforcing a thought process on the young minds to be more specific about their own emotions and be vigilant about their surroundings. This gives a boost to their managing abilities.
  2. They are giving them life examples of what goes on in the world and how the world outside, the safe premises of the school, works. The world is not all glitter, and as soon as the children are made to realize this, it would be enhancing their career interests which would be a result of their thorough and critical analysis. They become global citizens by acknowledging the actual-world problems and making efforts in finding solutions to such problems. They should be aware of the chaos- money, friends, relationships, career, etc.- the life brings along once they leave school.
  3. Keeping a record of what they are doing and what they would want to do in their lives. When the kids are given exposure to their own thoughts, they are given the opportunity to develop their whole thought process. Ask your students to maintain a journal of their own. You can give them the freedom to jot down whatever they feel like in it and once in a while, share their feelings. Appreciating their written thoughts would give them confidence in building strong relationships with peers and also strengthens the bond with the teacher.
  4. Sometimes keeping the students away from the academic pressure and letting them be themselves improves their recognition of their surroundings. At times having a great day at school that didn’t involve any bookish learning still is considered a great day learning wise. They learnt to be themselves, got in touch with their lost emotions and thoughts. Self-recognition is a great tool to make the students think more and adapt accordingly.

Students have to understand the world outside and no better than a teacher to help them with this transition. A smooth transition from the safe haven to a chaotic world outside leads the students to be more productive in their lives. Thinking inventory boosts their overall thoughtfulness and personality. A mindful student performs better in academics than an ignorant one. Therefore, it is a teacher’s duty to prepare a generation that is minding, social and professional experts to sustain a good life.

This article is contributed by Ecole Globale International School.

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