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Significance Of An International School

Schooling has become part and parcel of a kid’s life, and as the competition is rising day by day, parents are giving more and more stress on choosing the right school for their kids. And the thing is that there is an ample number of schools available to choose from. Today we will be discussing one category of schools: International Schools.


What Is An International School?

International school is a type of school which promotes international education either by following the international curriculum or in an international environment or following a national curriculum different from the residence country of the school.

Some of the international curriculum followed across the world are


What Is The Significance Of An International School?

As we have got the idea that what is an International School, now let us know what is the importance of these schools and how students can get benefits from an international school.

Our competition is not only with the people surrounding us but with the whole world. When we appear for an exam, we cannot take the students in our class or our coaching centre as our competitors but all the students boarding schools in India who are appearing for the exam. So getting enrolled in such school allows the student to get to experience an international curriculum which is more diverse and prepares students for facing any obstacles in life.

The students nowadays have to be prepared to become more adaptive, more confident, and to be able to face all the challenges in life. They need to be more aware of the happenings in and around the world. The international schools conduct various activities and programmes which prepares students for the tough competition. Discussions on topics in and around the world are conducted by teaching authorities, where both teachers and students share their views and opinion about the issue and listen to the opinion of others, this makes them more aware and more confident to be able to keep their view and to present an opinion of their own in front of an audience.

The international schools also teach various activities and international languages, which makes them more creative and adaptable. The world is susceptible to change, and thus a person who is more comfortable to adjust with the changing times can make a difference in society and lead a happy life.

Living in a different cultural area and learning their ways can be both fun and a challenging task for students. Living away from family and that too in a new environment can be a challenge for kids, but this prepares them for a real-life situation. This tremendous change can be a life-changing experience for kids. 

The teachers appointed in an international school are well experienced and are allotted the school through the international affiliated board itself. Thus the quality of education in an internationally affiliated school is more comprehensive.

The international schools provide a wide range of facilities to the students, apart from excellent infrastructure, academic facilities, they also give emphasis to extracurricular activities and provides facilities for the same, swimming pool, horse riding, gym, sports court for sports activities with qualified trainers are some of the examples of facilities provided by international schools.

Students in an international curriculum can build good connections around the world, and this can help them ahead in life. They are more likely to develop a more profound and broader connection in their academic life, and these connections can also become a helpful hand in their professional life. The international school graduates increase their employability chances to extreme levels.


What Are The Top International Schools Of India

Getting an education in an international environment located in the residence country of students is a win-win situation for both kids and parents. The international schools are a bit pricey but offer excellent infrastructure, academic and extracurricular facilities to students.

Here are some of the top International Schools of India

  • Dhirubhai Ambani International Schools, Mumbai
  • The Riverside School, Ahmedabad
  • Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai
  • Oberoi International School, Mumbai
  • Mercedes Benz International, Pune
  • Scottish High International, Gurgaon
  • Pathways School, Gurgaon
  • International School of Hyderabad
  • Podar International School, Mumbai
  • Ecole Globale International Girls Schools, Dehradun

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