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You are currently viewing Packing Checklist of Boarding School Dorms Essentials for Girls
Packing Checklist of Boarding School Dorms Essentials for Girls
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  • Post published:Jul 2, 2021
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Packing Checklist of Boarding School Dorms Essentials for Girls

Boarding schools in Dehradun are popular for providing the best boarding facilities to their Students. Residential life is a new horizon for most of the new students while the students already studying there also may miss some essentials

It is mid-march, so when your Child exams are over and she has to be all set to head back to school in the next month. You should ensure all the necessary arrangements on your own side.

We are here with this checklist of necessary things, you should carry to a boarding school. Check out our ultimate packing list before going to boarding school.

Packing Checklist of Boarding School Dorms Essentials for Girls :

1. Clothing

Boarding schools have their own school uniform and dress codes which all the students are required to wear. Ensure this a few weeks before going to school and also equip with at least 2 pairs of school uniform. Iron it well; don’t leave the task for the last day.

2. Laundry Items

Some boarding schools in India offer laundry services to their students. But some Students prefer taking up this task on their own. So, you should take your laundries with you. Because most of the times, students forget to wash their clothes. You should make sure that you should carry a pack of detergent, laundry bag, stain remover, brush, etc with you.

3. Medicines and first-aid

As first-aid help to the children is also provided by the boarding school itself. But you are advised to take your own kit handy. In case, you get hurt and by the time you will get first aid, the wound may harm you.

Having your own first aid kit can be helpful for minor cuts and scrapes. Take a pack of medicines in case you get a headache or fever, so that you may get relief instantly.

4. Beddings

Your child will be provided with a bed and the mattresses. But you can take extra bed sheets in case the one which is provided to you is in the laundry or got dirty.

5. Toiletries

Since you will be sharing a common room with other fellow mates. For this, hygiene becomes necessary. Using other children’s personal accessories is not good.

So, don’t forget to take a towel, shampoo, cotton swabs, dental necessities like toothpaste& toothbrush, body soap, body wash and all other required things which are meant to be used for your own needs.

6. Other Essential Things

Things like stationery items, electronic or musical instruments, snacks and airtight containers, games or any sports items of which you are crazy about should also be there in your packing list.

As the best boarding schools in India, provide a vast number of activities and games for developing the sporting prowess within their students. But carrying small indoor games like Chess, Ludo can help you with increasing your brainpower.

Other than all these above mentioned, there are a lot many essentials that you should take off while heading off to a boarding school.

Don’t leave a single thing for the last minute. So, pack your bags early to avoid late time fuss.

Till then, enjoy your vacations!

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