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Advantages of School Trips

School trips or Field trips provide educational experiences to students away from the regular school environment. It is almost an experience of lifetime for all those adventure lovers & study geeks. Popular school trips include Educational Visits, Zoo, Planetarium, Science Museums, Rail Museums, Research Center etc.

Not only do these trips provide alternative educational opportunities, but they also benefit students by introducing them with the working of the community & society at large.

School trips and educational visits are powerful as well as positive teaching-learning methods that help enhance the social, personal, emotional and all-round development of students. For both pupils and staff, participating in a school trip allows them to have a fabulous and unique time with each other.

Advantages of Field Trips in Education

There are many ways to educate a child. The school field trip is one such effective educational activity for students that helps them to encourage productive learning.

Many Schools in Dehradun take the initiative to organize field trips annually for their students. Rather than just reading and writing in the classroom, Schools should take effort to offer creative & exclusive learning to students through educational field trips.

Benefits of Field Trips for High School Students

School trips offer a huge range of benefits for students, not just academically but also for the overall development of children. It can truly be a formative experience in terms of their personal as well as social development too.

Here are a few benefits of a well-organized school trip that it can offer to students:

1. Improvement in Self-Confidence

By experiencing another country and culture, enjoying new foods and seeing different landscapes on a school trip, students can become more confident and open to new things.

2. Better Achievement in Exams

Field trips bring better grades in studies. Through real-life connections and hands-on experience of the lessons they are learning in school, students are more likely to understand the subject better. This relevance of what they are learning helps them to perform better in school exams, test and projects.

3. Reinforcement

Wide-ranging out of classroom activities, including school trips are cited as examples of outstanding teaching. Students can appreciate their studies from a different & usually more active perspective.

4. Connection to the real world

Students get into newer experiences as while traveling outside they learn about different professions, ideas & opportunities.

5. Higher Engagement in Studies

Everyone knows that “Practicality is better than Theory”. Going on a school trip enables students to take good interest in studies which they earlier didn’t understand. And this uniqueness let their minds to retain the information easily for much time.

6. Eradicates Classroom Boredom 

School field trips are more about pleasure, fervor, excitement and fun without the pressure of being called to answer a question or be given an unexpected test. It decreases the fatigue (boredom) of classroom lectures regardless of whether it’s only for a single day. Also, it awakens student’s enthusiasm to learn and get new learning information, regardless of how exhausting or boring the subject is in theory.

The advantages of school travel include exposure to different new societies, cultures & languages, increase in confidence.

Field exposure to students is the key to gain an edge over the competition & also have a more global perspective of life. This is a great wonderful opportunity for them to take a break from the study hall (classroom) and to have some good times with other fellow classmates and fervor in an educative way.

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