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Field Visits at Ecole Globale | Integral Part of Our Curriculum

In an era where education is constantly evolving, the emphasis on holistic development has taken centre stage. Holistic boarding school curricula have emerged as beacons of comprehensive education, recognizing that a child’s growth extends beyond academic excellence.

The essence of a holistic boarding school curriculum explores its components and the transformative impact it can have on students. Field Visits at Ecole Globale plays an important part in it.

Embracing Wholeness: The Holistic Boarding School Curriculum

Embracing Wholeness: The Holistic Boarding School Curriculum


A holistic boarding school curriculum goes beyond the conventional focus on academic subjects. It embraces a multidimensional approach that nurtures a student’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical well-being. The curriculum recognizes that a balanced and well-rounded education is the key to preparing students for the challenges of a dynamic world.

Academic Excellence:

Academic Excellence


Rigorous academic programs lay the foundation for a holistic education. However, the emphasis is not solely on grades but on cultivating critical thinking, problem-solving, and a love for learning. Interdisciplinary studies promote a holistic understanding of knowledge, connecting various subjects to provide a more comprehensive worldview.

Character Development:

Character Development


Holistic curricula prioritize character development by integrating values, ethics, and social responsibility into the educational framework. Leadership training, community service, and ethical discussions contribute to moulding students into responsible and compassionate individuals.

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence


Recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence, holistic boarding schools incorporate programs that help students understand and manage their emotions. Counseling services, mindfulness practices, and emotional literacy programs create a supportive environment for emotional growth.

Physical Well-being:

Physical Well-being


Physical education and sports are integral components of holistic education, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Outdoor activities, wellness programs, and a focus on nutrition contribute to the overall well-being of students.

Artistic Expression:

Artistic Expression


Encouraging creativity and artistic expression is fundamental to holistic education. Arts, music, drama, and dance are not just extracurricular but integral to the curriculum.

Creative outlets provide students with a means of self-expression and contribute to the development of a well-rounded personality.

Personal Growth:

Personal Growth


Students in a holistic environment develop a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, fostering personal growth.




The multidimensional approach prepares students to adapt to the complexities of a rapidly changing world, equipping them with versatile skills.

Global Perspective:

Global Perspective


Interdisciplinary studies and emphasis on global issues cultivate a global perspective, promoting open-mindedness and cultural awareness.

Life-Long Learning:

Life-Long Learning


The love for learning instilled in students goes beyond the classroom, promoting a life-long commitment to intellectual curiosity. In a world where success is not solely measured by academic achievements, holistic boarding school curricula provide a blueprint for cultivating well-rounded individuals.

By addressing the diverse needs of students—intellectual, emotional, social, and physical—these curricula empower the next generation to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, empathy, and a holistic understanding of the world.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom: Field Visits at Ecole Globale

In the realm of education, where lessons often unfold within the confines of four walls, the inclusion of field visits in the curriculum adds a dynamic and enriching dimension. Boarding schools, with their unique environment and close-knit communities, recognize the invaluable role that field visits at Ecole Globale play in shaping well-rounded individuals.

These excursions extend far beyond mere recreational outings; they are a deliberate and integral component of the educational journey.

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Reality:

Classroom teachings provide the theoretical foundation, but it is through field visits at Ecole Globale that students witness the practical application of their lessons. Whether it’s a historical site, a scientific laboratory, or an art gallery, being physically present in a real-world setting fosters a deeper understanding and connection to the subject matter.

Fostering Social and Emotional Growth:

Boarding schools emphasize not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of their students. Field visits at Ecole Globale offer a unique platform for social interaction and teamwork. Sharing experiences outside the regular school environment builds camaraderie and encourages students to step out of their comfort zones, thereby nurturing their emotional intelligence.

Learning Beyond Textbooks:

No textbook can capture the essence of standing amidst ancient ruins, conducting experiments in a fully equipped lab, or witnessing the intricacies of ecosystems in a natural reserve. Field visits at Ecole Globale supplement traditional learning methods by immersing students in real-world scenarios, making education a tangible and memorable experience.

Cultivating a Sense of Responsibility:

Boarding schools often instil a sense of independence and responsibility in their students. Field visits at Ecole Globale provide opportunities for students to take charge of their actions, adhere to guidelines, and make decisions in unfamiliar environments. These experiences contribute to the development of self-reliance and accountability.

Appreciating Diversity and Cultural Awareness:

In a globalized world, cultural competence is a vital skill. Field visits at Ecole Globale to diverse locations, whether within the country or abroad, expose students to different lifestyles, traditions, and perspectives. This exposure fosters a sense of cultural awareness, tolerance, and acceptance.

Connecting with Nature:

Away from the urban hustle, boarding schools often have the advantage of being situated in picturesque locations. Field visits at Ecole Globale to natural reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, or even simple camping trips allow students to connect with nature. This not only promotes environmental consciousness but also serves as a stress reliever, promoting mental well-being.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills:

Field visits at Ecole Globale encourage students to question, observe, and analyze their surroundings. They prompt curiosity and stimulate critical thinking skills as students grapple with real-world scenarios, applying their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. As an International School, Ecole Globale ensures that the boarding school experience remains stellar across its teaching methods.

At Ecole, we believe at providing quality education to our girls and advocate planting challenges along the way of their growth, so that they can truly achieve comprehensive growth, not just inside the classroom, but also outside of it. In addition to what a child can learn within the campus, it is important for the girls to step out of the campus and experience life with fellow Ecoliers, while they are away from home.

For an enriching experience of its own sorts, Field visits at Ecole Globale are organised, educational trips or excursions and facilitate participation in external events like competitions with other international schools of repute in India.


Field visits at Ecole Globale are not mere escapades from the routine; they are a deliberate and crucial facet of the boarding school experience. These excursions enrich education by providing a three-dimensional perspective to students, shaping them into individuals equipped not only with academic knowledge but also with practical wisdom and a profound understanding of the world around them.

The memories forged during these outings often become an indelible part of a student’s educational journey, contributing significantly to their personal and intellectual growth.


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