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  • Post published:Jan 9, 2020
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Girls residential schools in India

An educated and well-informed woman progresses as a person, a superior representative or manager, a superior spouse and certainly a better mother. Training in the correct manner is vital for every young woman. She would get the vital information in a girls residential schools in India on SELF-SUSTAINABILITY and INDEPENDENCE. The difficulties a student faces there are intended to shape her character and train her for the results that follow once they leave the school campus. A residential school works on building strong women of 21st century and subsequently such schools a shrewd choice to pick where in the girls make their voice heard, and get to their first definitive chances to excel in their lives. The residential school is the primary place to ignite an individual’s character and personality, which is a persistent procedure throughout their lives. Learning stops just when you quit breathing, subsequently, a school assumes a significant job in light of the fact that before anything else it empowers the capacity to learn and execute the so learned information in real-world situations; so picking a decent girls residential school for your girl’s education and training is the most essential choice a parent would make with regards to the general improvement of their girl child. With respect to a residential school, these life practices become veritably dynamic and crucial, and along these lines, it builds up a basic structure of a person’s character on the grounds of SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF SUSTAINABILITY and SELF RELIABILITY to be the principal line of the perspective of the said person.

Dissimilar to the past thoughts of residential schools as only being severe disciplinary schools, they have developed into a spot where tutoring isn’t simply constrained to relative subjects yet to the essential life lessons, sports and diversion in perspectives and along with knowledge on math, science and language.

Let’s take a look at the list of schools:

1- Ecole Globale International School for girls in Dehradun

Ecole Globale International School

Ecole Globale, a residential school has confidence in making the foundation solid for a girl child, whether it is subjective or life lessons. A student would thrive at this school in light of the fact that their confidence grows multiple times since they are guided by skilled instructors who maintain the warmth for articulations of the human experience.

Humans are social animals, and we need people around us to suffer life servings. The school helps the girls to build their own community. Friendships aren’t the only primary critical associations. Ecole Globale offers students the opportunity to make sense of how to work with others and maintain collaborations that are strictly professional. They consistently offer access to the people who have gotten the opportunity to really contemplate a second or third language, making them fluent in multiple tongues. This boarding school not only helps in making durable associations, work strategies, and employment goals but works based on knowledge, making their girls highly qualified for any profession they wish to pursue. 

2- Basava Residential Girls School (BRGS), Bangalore

Basava Residential Girls School in India

This school brings competitive training for girl students from Grades 5-10 and has a brilliant scholarly track report over the years. This residential school is located inside an unblemished 50-acre land in Kengeri, Bangalore.

BRGS acknowledge that young girls need an appropriate, more affordable, and comprehensive and quality based absolute training, with a reason to make important commitments to the realm of the world in the Twenty-first Century. This school gives a relevant, all-encompassing and a creative educational program, concentrating on the advancement of women who are to be the pioneers of tomorrow. It is a women boarding and day school, with the child-centred instructional and co-curricular program. The school gives education – both instructional and experiential, where the girls can learn and pick up objectives in their life’s journey. The educational plan of the school depends on the latest data so that they get acquainted with the procedure and is planned for supporting instructional and personal improvements while ingraining the passion for knowledge throughout their lives.

3- Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangalore

Bishop Cotton Girls School

Standing tall for a course of three centuries, since its establishment by the Rev. S. T. Pettigrew in 1865, Bishop Cotton Girls’ School has reliably educated a huge number of young women, enabling them to advance into ladies of substance.

It was the proposition of the Metropolitan of Calcutta, Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, to make quality schools in India that brought about the establishment of Bishop Cotton’s on April 19, 1865. The organization was opened for both boys and girls in a home named Westward Ho in High Grounds. In 1871, the administration gained 14 acres of land on St. Mark’s Road and moved the school there, delineating two unique regions, one for the boy’s school and the other for the girls’ school with a divider isolating the two. In 1911, the administration obtained Stafford House and its encompassing eight and a half acres of land with access to both Residency Road and St. Mark’s Road and moved the school, giving Bishop Cotton Girls’ School its very own character. The school has developed from solidarity to quality from that point forward, with progressive staff adding to the improvement of foundation and general scholastic greatness of the school. The mission is to give the best all-round education to young girls.

Today the alumni of this school are specialists, engineers, educators, attendants, homemakers, researchers and corporate leaders.  Their rich heritage of all-round instruction rouses them to a prominent stature of greatness. 

It is imperative to understand girls residential school in India prepares the young women from an early age for the future difficulties they would confront while pursuing after their chosen vocations and that their education is the fundamental key for the development of the society as a whole. Proper education and training enable them to have better and feasible professions later in their lives. Thus, the scholastic and academic programs should be crafted to suit the prerequisites of the learning keeping the benefits of girls in mind. 

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