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  • Post published:Jun 20, 2021
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Why Boarding Schools in India are Special?

Boarding Schools have replaced the old-traditional concepts of education. It has given another dimension in the field of learning. The concept of boarding schools in India is quite significant. There are many reasons of why these Boarding Schools are Special in India & have become a Top Choice of every parent & child nowadays. Presently the trend is changing as children from working-class families are also turning towards these Boarding Schools.

There are several factors why Residential Schools in India are special Listed below are a no. of reasons that makes Ecole Globale International Girls School as an outstanding one amongst other Boarding Schools in India for girls.

1. Faculty


Most faculties & the teaching staff in Boarding Schools are well-qualified. The faculty give 24*7 proper attention to the students. Students can likewise connect with their educators & other administrative staff when in need. It permits a free flow of communication between them. It also ensures an understanding and clear mutual relationship between them.

2. Discipline & Security

This is one of the most striking features of Boarding Schools in India. They are well-known for Discipline & Security. There is a strict vigilance of 24 hours to the students living & studying in residential Schools. It ensures the safety of each & every individual child here. Strict rules & regulations are made which all the students follow.

3. Quality Education


Boarding Schools not just aim at providing quality school education but also prepare students for life. Through their plethora of activities towards nurturing the spirit of leadership & entrepreneurship, children here are properly groomed well, turning into future global leaders as well as business managers. These schools enable their scholars to become job creators & not just job seekers by igniting in them the spark of startups and corporate leadership skills.

4. Instill Creativity, Confidence & Independence

Boarding Schools are known to provide strict guidelines for children across ages. This gives parents a feeling of security that their child is in a safe & secure environment. These also instill greater confidence and a sense of independence among them. Students at Boarding Schools are more creative as compared to those of day schools.

Best methods & effective learning experiences are provided to Boarding School Students that most of the brilliant minds emerge out.

5. Best Sports Facilities


Children are provided with various games & sporting facilities, physical education training is necessary for intensive coaching in almost all sports. Boarding Schools are known for providing training in a no. of sports with top qualified instructors.

They provide their students, a full day engaging schedule for inculcating in them sports, life-skills, co-curricular activities, academic, non-scholastic, soft skill training, cultural & various other outreach activities with a great emphasis laid on leadership roles.

6. Cultural & Moral Values

Students from different parts of India and international students come to study & live in top residential schools in India. This makes them a ‘center of social & cultural learning’ which day schools are not able to give. Thus children studying in the Boarding Schools have a superior point of view/thought about different cultures, various societies, and religions. It helps them to understand and get easily mixed with different individuals.

These Residential Schools thus made a fine balance by mixing the eastern culture with western education modules with a heritage spread in a divine environment. It is thus a place of worship & learning.

7. State of the Art Infrastructure

Boarding Schools in India provide state-of-art infrastructure to enhance the grooming of their students. From smart classes to intuitive digital classes, well-equipped laboratories, research centers to craftsmanship (art and craft hall) & activity club to a music and dance academy, a Boarding School guarantees all such types of academic and non- scholastic facilities.

So, make the right decision and give your daughter the advantage of a complete full-day schedule & boarding life experience at Ecole Globale International Girls’ School–a fully residential school for girls. Get the best value time for your child and your investment in their important formative years to inculcate in them discipline, sense of responsibility, independent living, activeness, boldness, and a good platform for lifelong learning.



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