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Misconceptions about childhood trauma: prevalence and prevention

Childhood trauma, is it something?

When a child experiences something emotionally painful and mentally stressful affects a child’s mental and physical effects. Children sometimes go through a lot, and it becomes a massive burden into their minds. When we think about their tender age in comparison to that, trauma can be a lot to take at such an age.

The problem with our society is that most of the people think that there is nothing such as mental stress or trauma. The psychological issues are not taken very seriously in our community. And when we talk about something like childhood trauma, then people generally respond like there is nothing like childhood trauma, or why would kids go through stress. Why would they worry about anything, what could be the cause of the importance because all the kids had to do is fun?

But that’s not true. Childhood trauma is too collective. And there can be many experiences in their life which can be overwhelming and painful in accordance to their age. Maybe because of abusive relationships, violence, divorce, etc. these events can have a considerable effect on their minds. These all result in interpersonal childhood trauma. There can be many other traumatic events which can affect the life of a kid in the wrong way. Some of these are

  • Accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • War
  • Civil unrest
  • Medical procedures
  • Problems in households
  • Sudden loss of a close member

Interpersonal childhood trauma

Let us take the help of some examples to understand interpersonal childhood trauma in a better way.

  • If a kid has gone through physical, emotional, or sexual abuse anywhere.
  • If a kid is experiencing violence in family or home.
  • If a kid is witnessing violence or anything disrupting around his surroundings. For example- the coronavirus lockdown, which has been implemented nowadays, can also affect the kid in a negative way.
  • If their parents are neglecting a child, not well nurtured physically and emotionally.
  • Maybe someone in the family living with them or parents are themselves going through a mental illness. This can impact the connection between the kid and the person who can, in turn, affect the kid. E.g., if a person around the kid is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or ill, or in prison.

Early childhood trauma

If a child is going through a trauma in his early years i.e., from birth to the age of six, then it can be very harmful to the kid. The first years of a kid are very vital for the proper development and nourishment of a kid. It can give shape to his personality, habits, and skills for the rest of his life. When a kid is in the early stages of development, his mind can learn things quickly from his environment and in a very effective way. So if anything wrong is happening around them, which is compellingly affecting them, then it can have a lasting effect in his life.

Young kids are often dependent on a person for everything. This might make a kid more susceptible to trauma. Early traumatic events can also hinder the child’s development. It can affect them in such a way that they can become fearful of attaching to a person or talking to anyone. It can have different effects on a person with the various events a kid might have gone through. According to researchers, it is believed that trauma can change a child’s brain, his ability to learn, play, and grow. It can also induce some risky behavior when a kid grows into an adult.

A Ray of hope

It is believed that a brain can get damaged from the events around the person. But the brain also can heal if proper care, attention, and love are given to the person. The more we get connected to the kid and know what the events that are affecting him are, the more we can talk to him and help him out. We can’t stop the turns of activities that are going to happen around a person or a kid, but we can help the person to come out from the traumatic stage.

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