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As the COVID-19 virus is spreading at a significant rate, so are the myths and the false information surrounding it. The misleading facts and myths are being circulated through WhatsApp groups and other social media platform, misguiding the people and creating a panic. At this time, when the coronavirus disease has been declared as a Global Health Emergency by WHO, one cannot risk having the wrong knowledge on the subject. Everyone is advised to refer the trusted sites such as the WHO, CDC, the helpline provided by the Union Health Ministry etc. to get the correct information.

The first case of the virus was detected in Wuhan, China, at the end of December 2019. Since then, the novel coronavirus (CoV) has spread rapidly to several parts of the world. Today more than ninety thousand people have been affected with the COVID-19 across about fifty-eight different countries. The mortality rate of the virus is around 3%, with approximately 3000 deaths reported globally.

People fear that the coronavirus disease can turn into a pandemic and are freaking out due to all the false and fake news that is spreading relating to it.

Here are a few prevalent myths and truth regarding them.

MYTH 1:- It is no more than a common cold or a winter-flu, and people need not worry.

Fact:- The novel coronavirus is entirely a new type of pathogen which had never been identified earlier. It is different than the SARS, that appeared in China in the year 2002. SARS and MERS had a higher fatality rate, but the COVID- 19 has a more significant infection rate. This virus shows common symptoms pertaining to the common cold such as dry cough, fever and breathing problems. Still, there is no medication developed as yet that targets the virus, hence making the coronavirus infection a way more severe condition. This should not be taken lightly, and any symptoms should be reported to the medical facility as soon as possible. Underestimating the situation can have some adverse effects.

MYTH 2:- Hand Sanitizers can only kill bacteria and does not work on the viruses.

Fact:- Alcohol present in the hand sanitizers can kill any pathogen be it bacteria or virus. Washing your hands properly with soap and water is advised, and a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content should be used. It will be useful and prevent possible infection.

MYTH 3:- Masks are of no use, and a person needs to be in contact for at least 10 minutes with the infected subject to get the virus.

Fact:- Masks are very useful in subsidising the spread of the virus. The infected person should wear masks and avoid any contact with another person to prevent the transfer of the disease. Also, the infection can spread through saliva and mucus droplets in the air. It does not need a specific period to get transferred to another person. A distance of about 6-10 meters should be maintained, and mouth should be covered while sneezing or coughing.

MYTH 4:- The virus can only severely affect older people. Young people need not worry.

Fact:- The people from every age group can be infected by the 2019- nCoV. People with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart diseases are more perceptible to fall severely ill. WHO advises the people of all the age groups to take the necessary preventive measures. Older people need to be extra-careful as the fatality rate among them is higher.

MYTH 5:- Applying sesame oil and garlic consumption can provide immunity from coronavirus.

Fact:-  Sesame oil has no effect on the coronavirus and cannot kill it. Certain chemicals like bleach, chlorine and other disinfectants can kill the 2019- nCoV on the surfaces, but they do not affect when applied on the skin or ingested. Such chemicals are also harmful and poisonous to consume. Do not indulge in any extreme measures to treat the virus. Garlic is also a healthy food for killing certain types of bacteria, but no proof has emerged in its support to manage the novel coronavirus. Antibiotic does not work against coronavirus. They only work on bacteria.

MYTH 6:- Vaccines will be developed in a few months.

Fact:- The virus is new, and scientist is working continuously to determine an effective cure. Right now, the prediction of coming up with a solution cannot be made as the process can become lengthy. No particular medication has been developed as yet to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although the recovery rate is very high, and it is undoubtedly not an incurable disease.

At this time, the false information must be curbed. People should validate any information that receives and then share it. Preventive measures should be taken by everyone, whether they are or not infected by the virus.

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    Nice article! It is true, hand sanitizer can kill the bacteria, but not kill all types of viruses. You need to wash your hands with water and soap as many times as possible in the day.

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