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How Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment help Students?

Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment have changed the educational institutes’ traditional process to take examinations, assignments, and evaluations of the students. This ongoing era is an era of net and technology which are continuously changing with innovations. The traditional way of evaluation in schools and colleges is demolishing slowly and soon will end completely. These changes improve the quality of education with the help of the internet. Boarding schools in Dehradun and girls boarding schools in Dehradun have revamped their academic syllabus in accordance with the digital assessment.

With the help of technology and Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment, students are judged without any chances of biases. 

Technology has transformed the lives of people, and now we can see the transformation in academic evaluation through the implementation of these technologies. Providing an online platform for the students to prepare themselves for the coming challenges and continuous practice to tackle difficulties. It is sometimes considered technology as a threat to students, but it can encourage their active participation in various activities. 

Using Computers, laptops, tablets, or any technology to do classroom work is a favourite task of students. They find technology very interesting to use and explore. Additionally, they establish new styles of learning old conventional things in a better way. In the future, there are huge chances that further technology will evolve to make innovations. 

The coming scenario will completely judge students based on their practical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and innovative ideas to tackle problems. These criteria will majorly be evaluated with the AI is driven personalized Assessment of the students. In the process of online examination, there are a lot of restrictions for the candidates to ensure the security and reliability of the examination. While online evaluation, no students are allowed to switch their windows, and they are continuously facing the camera. Even a small action that corresponds to any threat of cheating, your window will automatically be blocked, and further you will not be able to restart it at any cost. 

What do you mean by Comprehensive Assessment?

Comprehensive Assessment signifies that the university and college use various strategies to evaluate the student’s knowledge. The whole system focuses on improving the traditional teaching and learning environment, which could enhance the quality of education. 

There are several ways in which students are getting evaluated, such as Summative Assessment, Formative Assessment, Performance Assessment. 

These assessments are occurring on various digital platforms such as Padlet, Quizlet, Active Prompt, etc., to improve educational quality. These assessments aim to judge the progress, to offer the certification and training, and to transfer the right opportunity and attention to the students. 

Advantages of Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessments:

Technology supports every field and improves its performance. But there are several benefits which we cannot ignore because they are valuable for us.

  1. It reduces the burden of the examination administration and provides them relief by offering technical support.
  2. These online assessments have on-screen marking tools that reduce error in the evaluation.
  3. It is an environmentally friendly approach to the examination.
  4. Digital Assessment can be taken from any place or location. 


What is the help Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment giving to the teachers of a boarding schools in Dehradun?

There are several bits of help that these Assessment providing to teachers, and a few of them are mentioned below:


1) Increase Flexibility:

As we already experienced in the lockdown period, these online classes and training provide huge flexibility with the help of cloud-based technology. Students can access their online study portal anytime and can continue their studies without any obstacles. One only requirement of these online assessment portals is we need network connectivity to access them. 


2) Clear Communication:

These online portals provide an opportunity for every student to directly share their problems and issues with their teachers without any hesitation. 


3) Additional Supports:

Teachers can use presentations and other platforms to make students understand the concepts. Students can use recorded videos to revise the concepts and learning even after the class at any time.  Teachers can also upload the assignments online, and students can submit their work before the deadline. These help to save the environment also. 



Boarding schools with technology is helping the educational system to improve its way to evaluate and educate students and provide them with an excellent and wide range of sources through the internet facilities. Technology offers great promises to students to learn through the assessments. This technology supports students and prepares them for a better future. It is observed that the students in the class are supporting each other to develop an understanding of technology. Technology is helping teachers to establish connections with their students which is an extraordinary benefit for both students and teachers. Digital and comprehensive online assessment is a boon to education and learning.

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