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Prominent features of a good girls Boarding school in india

There are numerous institutions in India presently that are ardent in providing quality education to the children. These differ in various aspects such as their orientation (co-ed, single-sex), curriculum, accommodation and affiliation etc. An uptrend is being witnessed towards the preference of a single-sex education by the parents in contemporary times. This preference is more prevalent for the education of girls, especially in an all-girls boarding school scenario.

An all-girls boarding school offers several advantages making many parents incline towards this methodology of education for their daughters. Here are a few benefits of studying in an all-girls boarding school:-

  • A girls boarding school provides the most suitable environment for girls to gain an education by catering to all their essential needs.
  • Such schools are very safe for girls as they eliminate the major security concerns that are prevalent among women in the society.
  • Specific stereotypes and gender-bias regarding the abilities of the girls do not exist in an all-girls boarding institution.
  • A greater sense of liberation in interaction prevails in such educational institutions, as the members of a similar gender can establish better communication.
  • Girls in a girls boarding school get extra opportunities to discover their talents and interests.

Today, several organizations that offer single-ed education to girls in the form of residential schools in India. But there are specific characteristics that make an all-girls boarding school stand above the crowd. Here is a list of some crucial prospects that maintain the proficiency of some of the esteemed girls boarding schools in India:-


Infrastructure is the elemental part of any institution of the world. The top 10 boarding schools in India has ensured that their support is immaculate and provides all the necessary facilities that are needed for a high-level and all-sufficient education. Well-furnished classrooms equipped with the most advanced technological instruments, grounds and courts for many sports events and provisions for extra-curricular activities are all included in the best boarding schools of the country.

Another thing that affects the credibility of an institution is its location and the surrounding atmosphere. Place and the milieu plays a significant part in creating a suitable ambience for the children to study. Every parent wants their daughters to study in a stress-free comfortable atmosphere and hence a boarding school that fulfils these parameters, established its position amongst the top.


The main thing that worries many parents when it comes to their daughter’s schooling is the safety considerations of a place. Today, the crimes against women are on a rampant, and the concept of sending their daughters away from home may come off as an extreme one to many parents. A larger group of people generally prefers a girls school that encapsulates the most advanced security practices on their campus. This also determines a better ranking of such schools among the others.


Girls, who are in their growing phase, encounter several situations in life when they need special care and attention. An all all-girls residential schools recognize such needs and hence are equipped all the amenities to aid the girls. The hostel, food-menu, curriculum etc. are specially designed to accommodate all the important requirements of the girls. The top 10 schools of India ensure utmost convenience to their students. A single-sex school substantially leads co-ed schools in providing better amenities to their students.


Girls boarding schools have been instrumental in developing some of the greatest women-personalities in the past. They succeed in doing so by adopting a specially designed curriculum that contributes to constructing a strong, all-rounder personality of the girls making them proficient citizens of the society. Girls get to test their capabilities in various activities without facing any stereotypes or unfair competition. It is evident that girls of single-sex schools show greater possibilities in creating a career in certain male-dominated areas of specialization like mathematics, science, mechanics etc.

All the features mentioned above are necessary for excellent girls boarding school. There are a few all-girls boarding schools in India that have managed to entrench their position among the top and best schools in India, by adopting the prestigious schooling practices. These are:-

  • Ecole Globale International Girls School- Dehradun
  • Welham Girls School- Dehradun
  • Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie
  • Auckland House School, Shimla
  • Heritage Girls School, Udaipur

These schools, as mentioned above, have proved their competence not only through their academics but also thorough achieving excellence in various other fields of education. The students of these schools have shown phenomenal performances in multiple sectors and have made their name in many competitions. These schools also have well-established international recognition. They have adopted the most suitable curriculum and provided all the features that are necessary for the efficient development of the girl child.

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