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Girls international schools in india

Girls International schools in India

After a long wait, the day the Ecoliers were eagerly waiting for finally arrived. 5th September, teachers day, a day that had created much excitement amongst the students and even more curiosity amongst the staff. Each and every student wanted to make their mentors feel extra special. The students started their preparation way before D-day. The theme for the teachers day was “Royal”. All the staff turned out in vibrant colored sarees. The day started with a short assembly conducted by the students. After tea, the staff assembled in the hall where the entertainment program organized by the students began. Each class presented an act (a song, dance or skit). The afternoon ended with Ms. Vineeta and Mr. Akash winning the best-dressed teachers. Mrs. Ghosh congratulated the students on the hard work put in by them to make teachers day special for everyone. The students and staff were treated to a sumptuous lunch followed by a sweet treat.

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