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  • Post published:Feb 22, 2020
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How To Improve Student Engagement

Students Engagement means the interest, attention, curiosity, passion, and optimism that students show in the class when they are learning something or being taught by the teachers. Teachers many times try to get student engagement in class, but this only happens when they are physically and mentally present and show some interest in the class. The student engagement varies from lesson to lesson and student to student. Teachers have to teach all the lessons by using interesting methods so that students show some interest in the class and willing to learn the lessons. Here are some best strategies that will help to improve student engagement.

6 Best Strategies To Improve Student Engagement

1. Use Different Teaching Methods

If teachers always depend on the same teaching method, then students will easily lose interest in the class. Teachers need to represent the study material and practice concept in different ways. Using creative and variety of methods during any lessons will engage the students quickly in class. Teachers should have different learning styles to teach lessons such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (a learning style). Encourage students to learn the lesson with different mediums like writing, music, and videos. The varieties in the study will keep them more interested in the class.

2. Allocate The Class Time To Getting To Know Your Students

Give extra time to students to get to know more about them. Apart from studies, teachers have to show that they care about the students. Students appreciate when teachers give extra time to students and talked with them about their lives outside the class. Many teachers think that this is a waste of time and affect the studies, but it actually helps the students to stay focused in the class because this will refresh the mind of students.

3. Merge Technology Into The Class

Nowadays, students only want to study using technologies. By introducing the technology into the class, students can enjoy and show their interest. Technologies help to enable personalized learning. Students like to learn using different kinds of technology because it increases their interest level and helps them to engage in class. Using technology, students become able to memorize the things that they studied more easily.

4. Use Project-Based Learning

This is a type of method in which students learn by inspect real-life challenges and problems and gain some knowledge. When students are working together with their classmates, they enjoy it, and this will increase their interest. By doing project-based learning, students can explore the issue using many types of resources. Students can create a video, brochure, do a presentation, develops a website, and many more.5. Let students choose:-

Many children want freedom; they want to follow their own choices. So in things let them decide that what they want. In classrooms allowing students to choose the seats in which they want to sit. For projects, students can choose their group members and topic. Sometimes let students have to decide what they want and what they want to do.

6. Play Some Learning Games In Class

Apart from daily studies, teachers can play some learning games with students in the class. Many students enjoy and like friendly competition. This will refresh the student’s minds and also increase their interest in the class. Some of the class games include Jeopardy review sessions, bingo, hangman, trivia, and many more.

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