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Importance Of Childhood Games In Boarding Schools

Importance of childhood games in a boarding school can be verified based on numerous advantages that it offers to the students. In the initial phases of development, the grasping capacity of a child is at maximum. At this crucial time, a child can learn and enhance their skills in a better way. Childhood games play a significant role in this process. These games are composed of several activities that aids in developing the analytical, thinking and reasoning skills of the students. 

Games are perceived as a fun activity by the students. Because of this, the students involve more in such activities and grasp things in a better way. With better engagement, better learning is achieved. 


What Are Childhood Games?

So what exactly do childhood games mean? How are they related to education? Childhood games are specifically designed to cater to the developmental needs of young students. Every game has a purpose that helps in teaching individual lessons to the students. These games vary from indoor games, board games of some outdoor activities. Some examples of childhood games and their purpose are listed below:-

  • Puzzles

Puzzles help in developing the analytical and decision-making skills of the students. They develop critical thinking skills by providing many problems to the students. 

  • Word Scramble 

Through this game, the vocabulary of the students improve. They learn new words and also develop instant decision-making skills.

  • Treasure hunting activities

It is a fun outdoor activity that keeps the students entertained and also develops many skills. The hints and puzzles provided in treasure hunting make the students utilise their intellect to interpret the messages. Practical learning is achieved and can help students in many real-life situations in the long run.

  • Board games

Board games like chess, ludo, monopoly are a great way of engaging students and proliferating their knowledge gaining process.

There are many other games like childhood rhymes, available games, discussions, etc., that can be conducted as games. In the long run, the things that a student learn through these activities can be beneficial for the individual.  


Benefits Of Childhood Games

Now that we have understood what childhood games are, let us ponder over the various benefits that they offer:-

  • Critical Thinking

Students develop critical thinking skills because of these games. Specific problems and situation that they encounter in these games help them in coming up with an apt decision at the very instant. This critical thinking ability can help them in the long run, even in the professional scenario.

  • Analytical And Reasoning Skills

Games develop the analytical, aptitude and reasoning skills of the students. This is a fantastic technique of inculcating mathematical skills to the students. In this fun process, they enhance their aptitude, which consequently helps them in their studies. 

  • Better Engagement

Childhood games can help in establishing better engagement in the classroom. Students enjoy the learning process and hence concentrate more. This subsequently results in a much better and helpful learning process. 

  • Practical Learning And Hands-On Experience

Another benefit of these childhood games is that they create a better practice and hands-on learning experience. This practical learning is more productive for the students as they grasp things and concepts in a better way. They can also apply this knowledge in various real-life situations.

For children, the fastest method to learn is through games. One cannot expect young students to read books and theories. Such textual concepts can be very boring for children as their attention span is comparatively lower. Games attract their attention and make them have fun which results in an overall better learning experience. 


Importance Of Childhood Games In A Boarding School

Boarding school is a proficient learning place that ensures the holistic development of the students. For young students, a boarding school environment can be hard to endure in the initial phases. They face problems in keeping up with their academics and looking after themselves. 

Girls boarding schools in Dehradun have asserted the importance of childhood games in the learning process. This reduces the academic burden on the students and creates a much better learning experience. Students involve more in the study process and do not feel pressurized. 

Boarding schools in Dehradun can be hectic for young children as staying away from the parents at such a tender age can cause a lot of problems. Hence, special attention should be provided to such students. Just by simplifying their studying and learning process, a lot of problems can be solved. They will enjoy coming into a classroom and be happy. It can be a good distraction for them. 

Childhood games should be included as an essential part of every boarding school’s curriculum. The framework should be designed in such a way so that maximum lessons are imparted through these activities. Not only will it reduce the burden on students but also create a better education base for them.

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