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The Importance of English Proficiency in Indian Boarding Schools

English is spoken by around 360 million people around the world and taught in over 118 countries, making it an incredibly useful language to learn. The importance of English proficiency will allow one to communicate effectively with people from all over the world, making travelling and learning about different cultures seamless.

But how did English become so important? Well, it all goes back to the Colonial era of British Empire, which at its peak covered 25% of the earth’s surface. During that period British rulers expected the natives to speak English. 

Importance of English Proficiency at Boarding Schools 

Importance of English Proficiency at Boarding Schools 

The importance of English proficiency is a vital component of education in Indian boarding schools. It not only facilitates academic success but also opens doors to a wide range of opportunities and experiences, ultimately preparing students for a prosperous future.

Global Communication

Global Communication

English is a global lingua franca. Importance of English Proficiency enables students to communicate effectively with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds, both within India and internationally. This skill is increasingly valuable in today’s interconnected world. English is the Global Language of Scientific papers, Media, Internet, Travelling across cultures and Business. Each of these industries uses English as its common language to help professionals communicate and conduct meetings, showing why there is importance of English proficiency. 

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Importance of English proficiency for students is, that it gives competitive advantage while applying for higher education and employment opportunities. Many prestigious colleges and universities, both in India and abroad, there is importance of  English proficiency for admission. Additionally, English is often a prerequisite for many job positions. A significant amount of educational resources, including books, research materials, and online courses, are available in English. Students with strong English language skills have easier access to these resources, which can enhance their learning and research capabilities.

At Ecole Globale, we believe that learning does not just come from within the four walls of a classroom but also, through various literary activities. These activities aim at developing and honing the literary skills that are indispensable when it comes to the all-round development of the students. Apart from the activities held within the school, students also take part in conferences and competitions hosted by other schools of repute which provide exposure to diverse elements that aid in building their overall well-being. 

Some events held at Ecole Globale

Model United Nations:

There are many reputable MUNs that our girls annually participate in. Every year, students of Ecole Globale also take part in the Doon School Model United Nations (DSMUN), one of the most prestigious MUNs debates held in India. In addition to English proficiency skills, students develop their out-of-the-box thinking.

Spell Bee:

Aimed at improving the grasp of the English language, the competition involves students learning the spelling and the proper usage of sentences. 

Cultural Exposure

Cultural Exposure

English proficiency provides students with access to a vast array of English-language literature, music, films, and other cultural works. This exposure can broaden their horizons and foster a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives.


The World is diverse. That can present an attractive cultural opportunity for parents wanting their children to be exposed to other cultures and customs. Many Asian countries and most European countries tend to be homogenous. Of course, you can experience different cultures by visiting other countries in Asia and Europe. 

There are ample prospects through which the girls at Ecole Globale get truly international exposure, be it through excursions, tournaments or the participation of student fraternity from across the country, for national-level events. In the pursuit of helping our students develop into global citizens, one primary program we conduct regularly is the student exchange. The Ecole Globale is an active part of the Round Square International Service (RSIS) which includes students from some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned institutes.

Through this program, not only are our students often sent abroad to participate but also sometimes our students play host to many students who visit from different countries. The foreign students who visit our premises for a brief period not only expand their horizons but also give our girls the opportunity to experience a new culture, respect their traditions and most of all just have a deeper understanding of the problems in the world.

There is no lesson taught in the classroom that can replace the experience of an exchange program. The depth of understanding and appreciation of the diversity in cultures is unparalleled. This is why there is importance of English proficiency.

Soft Skills Development

Soft Skills Development

It helps in development of essential soft skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These skills are valuable not only in academics but also in personal and professional life. That’s why there is importance of English proficiency.

Often through the RSIS program of Ecole Globale, students are required to participate in a community engagement activity where they must work together in a rather rural setting to provide an infrastructure. In the past, these students together have gone on to build necessary infrastructures like classrooms and even accommodation for teachers in a supervised and safe environment.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

English is often the language of choice for networking and building professional relationships. Boarding school students who can converse fluently in English are better positioned to connect with peers, mentors, and professionals, both in India and abroad. Parents expect children to develop an international network of friends a boarding school can provide. In addition, they understand the value of a robust network in strong career paths.

With amazing programs, the Ecole Globale claims a life-changing experience for students of making new friends, having new-found appreciation for a different country and its culture.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

In an increasingly globalized world, Importance of English proficiency promotes global citizenship for students. Students who can communicate and engage with people from diverse backgrounds are more likely to be open-minded and adaptable individuals. All due documentation, exam preparation tips, profile-building guidance and assistance are sought by students before they apply to universities in their last year of schooling and the Career Counselling Cell at Ecole Globale is well-equipped to provide customised solutions to each such aspirant.

The different career fairs and visits of campus ambassadors organized at Ecole Globale give a chance to students to interact with admission teams of their prospective universities on a personal level. General awareness about universities is also targeted to be improved through these career fairs so that the girls can make informed decisions and accordingly prepare themselves for their next educational journey.

Enhanced Confidence

Enhanced Confidence- importance of English proficiency

There is importance of English language proficiency if you are a student, they gain confidence in their abilities to express themselves effectively. This increased self-assuredness can positively impact their overall personality. The students at Ecole Globale are also involved in many activities to have positive growth in the social environment.

From regular outings, interactions with other school students, conferences and not to forget the exchange program, each of these helps the students participate socially and also promotes the development of public speaking skills. These activities help the students be more aware of their surroundings and grow fearlessly so to help where they can, however, they can. This we believe is essential for a global citizen of tomorrow!

The importance of English proficiency for student is that it prepares them for future challenges, including higher education, careers, and leadership roles. It equips them with the language skills necessary to excel in various fields.

Ecole Globale believes in all-round development and holistic education for its girls, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to developing the academic and sporting potential, as well as the overall personality of the students. With thorough training, practice and guidance, the school prepares the girls for the future and fortified enough for their higher education. Ecole Globale is proud of its alumni making their mark in several national and international universities and colleges of repute. 

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