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Importance Of English Grammar Exercises For Students

Bad English grammar is such a turn-off. Recruiters often judge a person by his communication skills, which majorly includes fluent English. A person who is well-versed in written and verbal communication has more chances of drawing people’s attention.

So we can say English grammar is essential because it is the foundation of communication.

How much important English grammar exercises are?

A student can get command over English when he /she from the very beginning practice English grammar exercises. Teachers of girls boarding schools in Dehradun emphasize more on the direct method of teaching English grammar to their students to give them a better foundation. 

In elementary school, we often learn about essential topics like nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, phrasal verbs, etc. All this helps in sentence formation.

English grammar, in general, is essential. Grammar rules are crucial, which is why students in their formative years should focus on practicing as much as possible.

When students know the correct usage of vocabulary and the rules, it becomes easy for them to communicate. The message then becomes transparent and can be easily understood.

Ever since this generation has been exposed to technology, people have started believing that grammar or language is not that important. Becoming technically sound is everything. On the contrary, I would say that we are being subjected to written texts more than ever. To understand or interpret messages as they are, it’s essential to know the correct meaning it.

The educator, when opens the understudy to the correct principles of language structure, and understudies can build up the appropriate composing abilities and, along these lines, make sentences that have legitimate importance and can communicate the thoughts intelligently.


Acquisition of English grammar for students is significant as it helps them in every aspect of their lives.

English grammar and Language give the structure squares to youngsters to comprehend and communicate in more prolonged and more perplexing manners. 

When youngsters increment their language unpredictability (with word endings or more/more intricate sentences), they can communicate and see more convoluted thoughts. 

This supplements youngsters’ phonetic advancement in different regions, including: 

The substance (for example, jargon, making meaning) and 

Utilizes (for example, discussion, social abilities, accountabilities) of language. 

Teachers and guardians assume a fundamental part in demonstrating the utilization of more perplexing language. Teachers can cultivate the advancement of sentence structure in the accompanying manners (investigated further beneath): 

  • Reacting to and developing youngsters’ language endeavors 
  • Displaying progressively complex language 
  • Speaking expressly about words, expressions, and sentences.

Having great sentence structure causes you to seem to be keener, instructed, and proficient. The helpless syntax can put off customers, especially in case you’re an author. A solitary slip-up is certifiably not a principal ideal; however, a reiteration recommends helpless, tender loving care. 

It’s fine to message with helpless sentence structure, yet less if you’re composing a pitch or introductory letter for a future employee meeting. 

On the off chance that you intend to lead others, extraordinary relational abilities and great syntax are resources for encouragement. If you choose to head off to college or graduate school, composed sentence structure abilities will be essential to assist you with writing papers.

Punctuation abilities are valuable in each part of life, from training to the board and public activity to business openings. They are similarly significant at home, where youngsters take in their linguistic examples from their folks and family. Sentence structure abilities are essential to be a viable pioneer. Relational skills are critical to provide guidance and give confirmation of driving capacity viably. Linguistic knowledge was a piece of informative fitness; individuals should focus on language to get successful correspondence.

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    Grammar is important but I hope that once you do reading the grammar will improve.

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    Useful Information.

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