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  • Post published:Feb 19, 2020
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How to help younger sibling in studies

Brotherhood and sisterhood is a relation which is full of responsibilities and influences. It is believed that having an elder sibling dramatically benefits a child in dealing with particular situations in life. The elder brother/ sister can preach their experiences to the younger siblings, thus providing them with a piece of more secure and progressive advice. The factor of the generation gap is also eliminated in this scenario, and the elder siblings are better able to equip their younger brothers and sisters in facing and converting the various situations of life.

The most considerable help that elder siblings can provide their younger brothers and sisters is, in studies. Younger siblings will face similar syllabus which the elder ones have already gone through. Hence they can be helped by the elder siblings in handling the concepts. They can help their younger brother or sister in planning out a strategy, taking into considerations their successes and failures. Younger siblings can immensely gain from the experience of their elder brother and sisters and establish a better performance in this stride.

Here are a few ways in which the elder siblings can help their younger kinfolks in dealing with the study stress through better management and strategies:-


 It is prevalent for the siblings to fight and quarrel. There is always disagreement in some form or the other. In such situations, it should be the duty of the elder siblings to remain calm and not be aggressive to subdue the matter. Siblings who possess a better connection and show efficient conversive trait are more supportive of each other. Their reliability for each other is also durable, and they show a better bonding, feeling secure and comfortable in each other’s company.


To help your sibling fare better in a specific subject, you need first to identify their week points. Just observe your siblings working procedure and ask them what they find challenging to deal with. Furnish them with better tips and strategies to improvise their concentration and capabilities. If they encounter a problem in solving a problem, then help them reduce their struggle by trying to help them understand the concepts in a better way.


Do not let failure empower your younger sibling’s determination. Teach them to learn and then let go of their failures. Ensure them that you would help them coping with their problems and improvising their performances. Let them know about your life experiences giving them the relevant advice.


The frankness level among the siblings is very high, and so the air between them is of more relaxed. They do not feel constricted in sharing opinions and asking questions. The elder siblings also can make the learning process more fun by introducing games and other activities. The monotony can also be broken by taking regular breaks which can help in keeping the mind fresh and rejuvenated. You can indulge in the craziest ways of explaining something to your brother and sister without the fear of being judged. Their no boundaries of formalities, and so an individual can make the most out of this opportunity. If some topic is new, the siblings can together lookup for the source of information through online videos or encyclopaedias.


In several circumstances, the parents encourage their elder children to complete the work for their younger siblings. This situation can lead to many deteriorating effects in the long run. This can work as a hurdle for the younger child as they might miss out in learning certain things. Assignments are a significant part of the school curriculum, and students are supposed to gain from them. Let your younger sibling do their task and only help them if needed.


A schedule can be maintained with a shared understanding between the siblings. A time-table significantly contributes to disciplining a person, and through the combined efforts of the siblings, a schedule can be established and followed more productively.


The relationship between the siblings can do great wonders and can also cause some dysfunctional attributes in the children. Our siblings are the first social interaction that we have with someone outside our parents. Therefore, being supportive and empathetic of each other is an essential aspect of the sibling relationship.

 boarding school in India, this relationship has another meaning. Being away from the parents, a sibling is your only homely companionship. The siblings are familiar with each other since birth and can support each other in overcoming the problems of a boarding school. The elder siblings can also help the younger siblings in studies by staying in contact with the teachers of the residential school and being updated on their younger brother or sister’s performance.

Arguments are a standard part of this relation, but through constant efforts from both the side, this relationship can bear the sweetest fruits of a tree called life.

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