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Routine In A Boarding School

Life Of Students In A Boarding School

Every student at some point in life might have wondered that what is it like to be in boarding schools in Dehradun? Some students might think that you have to study day and night in a boarding school. Well, that is not the case, the school authorities decide a well balanced and mixed plan for their students so that the students can get involved in every kind of activities from studies to extracurricular activities, exercise etc. Everything has been allotted a particular time, and students have to follow it rigorously. The boarding school pays attention to an all-rounded development of their students. 

Every boarding school might have a different routine, but more or less, some things are the same; there might be some minor changes in the time allotted to a particular activity. Let us discuss more some of the significant activities in a boarding school.

Morning Activities

The classes held in the boarding school are more or less regulated at the same timings as in any day school. Students have to wake up early in boarding school and get ready for attending the classes. Before going to classes, a morning inspection is generally done by a teacher or senior allocated to for the morning inspection. Time for self-care activities like bathing, eating, or some other personal activities is given to students. Before attending classes, a morning assembly is generally organized every day where students get involved in morning prayers, exercise, etc.


A particular time is scheduled for the students to study so that the students don’t get swayed in their personal life. The warden keeps a check on the students if they are studying or not.

The scheduled classes are also held, and every boarder has to attend the school on time if someone is not well and can’t attend the school he has to write an application to the warden. The classes are held in the same fashion as of any day school. During the recess, the students have to go to the mess for eating for their food which is prepared by the mess authorities. 

Apart from classes, a scheduled time is also allotted to the students where they need to complete their school homework and do some self-study.

Recreational Activities/ Exercise

Students are encouraged to engage in recreational activities like sports, dance, singing or joining any clubs, extracurricular activities etc. A morning exercise before the start of classes is generally conducted, along with a morning assembly, where prayer, announcements etc. are made. 

Boarding school generally provide every kind of facilities for their students so that the students can get engage in any kind of activities they like from swimming pools to horse riding and what not boarding schools try to encourage students to get involved in these activities.

Students are also provided with an instructor so that they get to learn everything in a perfect way and do not harm themselves in learning something new.


Classes are held at a particular time, and every student has to attend the classes, some extra classes are also held for weak students as per their need. The school authorities understand the fact that every student is different and thus needs a different way of teaching. The classes are more or less is of the same manner as of the day school as some of the students might not be boarders the authorities have to take care of these things too.

Self-Care/ Self-Adjustments ( Managing Clothes, Cupboard, Locker)

Well everyone needs time for every activity, each and every activity is given importance in a boarding school. Teachers understand that student needs some time to do their personal chores like rearranging their school bag, cupboard, managing clothes etc. Students are also given time to relax, socialize etc. Students can also utilize this time in the library or study.


The mess is a very important part of any boarding school, not to deny the fact that proper functioning of your body and mind is directly related to what you eat. So one needs to eat a well-balanced diet, and this is something which can’t be ignored.

A particular eating schedule is there in boarding schools, and every boarder has to abide by the same rules. A mess or a dining area is there in the hostel area where students need to have their food. 

School days give a shape to students life. The activities which you are involved in your school would more or less define your preference in the rest of your life. The boarding school try to make the students well prepared for every kind of difficulties in the outer world. If you are a boarder or going to be one, I would say congratulations that you are going to experience one of the beautiful journeys of life.

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