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Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun
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International Girls school in Dehradun

International Girls school in Dehradun

Her condition spread to everyone in the vicinity, twisting their mouth in a shape never seen before. Smiles can be contagious too.When everyone’s shoulders are stooped because of stress and tension and all around you can see broken hearts and broken promises, all you need to set things right is Smile and you will see how it will spread.

When you see someone sick and broken and waiting for somebody to help them out,hold their hand, hold it tight and you’ll see that beautiful, contagious smile.When you see someone dying inside and crying a thousand sad tears, hug them, hug them tight and you’ll see that gorgeous, contagious smile.You don’t know what is hiding in those weak hearts and sunken eyes and you cannot do anything about it. But you can always extend a loving hand and make the person smile.Let’s break all the barriers that separate us from other people. Let’s break all our walls and go out and light up the world.

When the world is broken into so many little pieces, we need a white globe. We need a globe without any boundaries, without any lines dividing people and places.But we do not stop there. We take a step forward and extend this to our hearts. We need to demolish the block in our hearts that keeps us from reaching out to people who are different from us.

We, at Ecole, are learning to break barriers. We are learning to live free from prejudices.We live here to love. The theme for this Founder’s Day was Phenomenal Woman. Yes, it comes from the title of the poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Maya Angelou. Now that she has bid farewell to the material world, we consider it our responsibility to spread her word. We are working to break the barriers between the two genders, to give up the chauvinism that keeps us from treating men and women equally. We women do not want some reserved seats in the Parliament. We do not want you to open the door for us all the time. We just want to be treated as equals. We want the judging ground for both

the genders to be leveled.We should not just be stirred into action because of-sporadic ‘Nirbhaya’ cases but should consistently strive to change the mindset of communities that deny a woman her share. It is up to us, the young girls of this generation, to rise to the occasion and take on the mantle.

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