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  • Post published:May 22, 2021
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Is Hyderabad police encounter worth for the celebration

The killing (official encounter) of four men who were blamed for gang-raping and killing a young lady, a week ago in Hyderabad, has been generally welcomed with bliss in India. Only hours after the shootings, around 2,000 individuals accumulated at the site to commend the police activity. They chanted “police zindabad” (“hail the police”), distributed sweets and offered flowers on the spot where the 27-year-old vet’s scorched body was discovered and where the shooting occurred on Friday (December 6th, 2019) morning. In the victim’s neighborhood as well, countless individuals assembled, setting off celebratory fireworks and distributing desserts. The celebrations and backing for the police are proceeding online as well. The battle for equality and justice for assaults has really messed up with the general public’s mentality; it has exploited people that have damaged us as civil society. 

On social media platforms like Twitter, there are in excess of 300,000 tweets with different hashtags about the shooting and the murder and the Hyderabad encounter, with the greater part of the voices strongly in favor of the police activity. What’s more, there is a purpose behind that: the lethargic pace of the Indian legal framework implies that it regularly takes years, even decades, to convey a message of justice served. There are a huge number of pending cases in courts, including almost 150,000 instances of assault, and this has disintegrated the open confidence in the criminal mindsets. 

The greatest case of this, as of late is the December 2012 torment- the assault and murder of a 23-year-old woman in a moving bus in Delhi popularly known as Nirbhaya. The severe case stood out as truly newsworthy, saw long periods of fights in Delhi and different pieces of India and constrained the administration to institute harder new laws, remembering the presence of capital punishment for uncommon and brutal cases. 

In any case, in spite of such consideration, the wheels of equality have turned gradually for Nirbhaya’s family. After seven years, her mom Asha Devi has asserted that the men, who are waiting for capital punishment, have utilized each escape clause in law to defer their execution. She was among the primary individuals on Friday to hail the Cyberabad police: 

Nirbhaya's mother on Hyderabad encounter


Since the Hyderabad rape case, there has been a certain outrage in the minds of the public that cannot be determined under the categories of right or wrong, but it has definitely split the society in two- one who favors the encounter and the other that doesn’t. Many were articulating that same yet equivalent dissatisfaction once more since the Nirbhaya rape case, raising worry that the attackers would “keep on devouring our expenses” for a considerable length of time while the victim’s family’s suffering is no way nearing the peace of justice. Law enforcement is under the constant question of credibility. It’s this declining confidence in the framework that has driven numerous people in India to request and bolster instant equality.

It has likewise fuelled a fever as of late, for prevalent motion pictures (typical Bollywood) that show “trigger-upbeat, vigilante cops” boldly completing extrajudicial executions. So it was not astounding that on Friday morning, hours after the updates on the shooting, one of the top Twitter slants in India was #Singham, contrasting the Cyberabad police officers with the retribution looking for cop legend of the 2010 Tamil film Singam, made a year later as Singham (featuring actor Ajay Devgan) by Bollywood. Nonetheless, a few people have scrutinized Friday’s shooting, portraying it as an execution of suspects without a preliminary conscious. But the question remains- is it really worth praising?

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