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Onions making pockets bleed reaches a high of INR 200kg

PUNE: The supply shortage of the most consumed ingredient in most dishes- onion, has led to an outcry that tore the common man and made his pocket bleed. In the latest reports, onion costs took off to above Rs. 200 for every kg in Maharashtra’s Solapur market. This surge is due to intense deficiency of the item and costs are required to stay firm until the most recent seven day stretch of this current month, merchants said. It is making onion getting out of the reach of the common man- quite literally.

While the Rs 200/kg mark was broken in Solapur for the relegation of 300 kg, the value was lower in different markets. “The cost of Rs 200/kg is anything but a genuine pointer of present economic situations, as costs were lower in numerous different markets,” said Danish Shah, an onion merchant, and exporter in Maharashtra. 

Atik Nadaf, another exchange insider, said that the best quality onions are being sold at Rs 170-180 for each kg as there is a great interest from all the southern states. At the benchmark Lasalgaon APMC in Nashik region, fresh onion — called red onion— is selling at a most extreme cost of Rs 100/kg, while the average (stocked) value is Rs. 70/kg. 

Brokers said they had not predicted such an intense shortage of onion, which happened chiefly in view of substantial downpour in the past season. “Intense deficiency will proceed till December 25, while the appearances will improve by mid-January,” Shah insisted. 

In spite of the fact that onion costs are at their memorable highs, it has scarcely helped numerous ranchers recuperate past year’s misfortunes and get better than average returns this year. Shivanand Fulari, a 25-year-old rancher from Solapur, is a compelling example of the same. His story so far-

He had planted onions on 1.5 sections of land in June this year. While the postponed beginning of rains, trailed by overabundance precipitation in August-September and again in November sliced his onion crops to only 17 sacks of 50 kg each against 40 packs that he was anticipating. Of the 17 sacks of creation, 10 packs turned out to be of sub-par quality because of climate’s notions, and he couldn’t sell them at anyplace. Six sacks of onions, weighing multiple quintals, were of top quality, which was sold at a staggering price of Rs 200/kg at the Solapur APMC on Thursday. The seventh sack of 48 kg was sold at the price of Rs 25/kg. Shivanand, since then has earned Rs 62,693 (Rs 63,000 short gauging charge) for the 357 kg of onion he grew on his 1.5 sections of land following a half year with speculation of about Rs 50,000.

The farmers are crying for the low outputs while the common man is struggling to get his hands on a decent quantity of onions without putting a hole in his pocket. If the government doesn’t make quick decisions about importing the crop, then it is feared to trigger yet another public outrage.

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