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  • Post published:Apr 18, 2020
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What are the reasons behind your kids crying?


It is nothing out of the ordinary for the toddlers and youngsters to cry and shed tears. If something bothers them, they are liable to throw tantrums as their instinct. Sometimes parents tend to get impatient if the baby cries persistently. For young parents, such situations can be hard. But the essential virtue of successful parenting is patient. Once you figure out the problems of your child, the management process will become easier.

When the children haven’t learned the ability to talk and communicate their concerns verbally, they feel frustrated and therefore cry usually. Even when a toddler learns this ability, the reasons for their sadness are often not clear.

Kids throw tantrums over the ridiculous things. If you have ever experienced a kid cry over a banana peel or the refrigerator not eating the food, then you are not the only one. For some time, such situations can be very amusing for the parents, but after repetitive instances, adults tend to lose their cool. They get exhausted. Kids can have the most stupid reasons to cry, and they sometimes make the most insignificant demands.   

Crying is not all bad. Several studies reveal that crying can be helpful to drain off the stress and feel better. Individuals feel better after crying when they need emotional support. Crying helps in letting go of the burden accumulated in our minds. Sometimes overwhelming feelings of an individual can also turn into tears. 

Hence, your aim should not be to prevent your kid from crying completely. Shedding tears are also crucial for hormonal release. But, as a parent, you should screen the reasons as to why your kid is crying. Is there something troubling them? Are they feeling stressed? If the child is continually crying, then it is a bad sign. Do not ignore such symptoms and try to get the help of the therapist of the pediatrician if needed. Here are a few reasons that might be causing your kids to cry:-


Generally, an individual has a meltdown when they feel completely exhausted and have drained out all their energy. If your kid is crying just because you gave him/ her the wrong size bowl, then maybe the reason is not that. Insufficient sleep, tiredness, etc. can make a kid react inappropriately in several situations. They behave irrationally because, in their minds, they are confused and are unable to understand their frustration. 

You cannot just wholly make the situation right and ensure that your kid feels exuberant 100% of the time, but you can make the situation better by screening their routine. Make sure that your kid is following their bed-time schedule and getting a night of proper sleep. Look for the signs of insomnia. Follow the sleep schedule as advised by the doctor. 

The time of sleep depends on a child’s age, but the ideal time to go to bed is anywhere between 7-9 pm. Similarly, the perfect time to wake up should be between 6 am to 8 am.

Always lookout for the signs of fatigue and tiredness in your child. If your child falls asleep at random places, is continuously rubbing their eyes, yawning or looking tired, then screen their sleeping hours. Make sure they are getting proper rest and properly managing their life.  


Hunger can cause anyone to feel frustrated. Even adults get hungry, but they can manage their emotions. Toddlers, on the other hand, gets agitated and throw tantrums. A non-verbal child is not able to ask for food, so it is harder for them to get help. If your child has refrained from eating something, then try giving them a quick bite. Keeping some healthy snacks handy can help in efficiently managing the situation. 


Sometimes certain places and situations can overstimulate a child. If your child is crying for an unnecessary reason, then check for the surroundings. Try giving them kids a break. The burden of doing something can also cause anxiety, causing the kids to cry. So you may see tears once your kid is overstimulated. 


Stress is not only a concern in an adult’s life. Children also get subjected to stress in various instances. The sudden changes, the study burden, peer pressure, etc. are enough to cause breakdowns in a child. Kids need time to relax and be engaged in creative work that makes them happy. Stress is one of the biggest reasons why a kid may cry. Hence, help your child manage their life and keep their schedule stress free.

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