Seema Dhaka becomes first woman constable to get out of turn promotion for Tracing 76 Missing children and other headlines


Head women constable Seema Dhaka earned the appreciation of people, nationwide, after achieving a commendable feat of tracing 76 missing children. With sheer determination, she set upon herself this goal for two months to locate the children. Most of the missing children were separated from their families, and some had disappeared years ago. Some cases were as old as that of 2013. 56 out of 76 missing children were under the age of 14.

Seema Dhaka has also become the first Delhi Police Head Constable to receive an out-of-turn promotion and has now become the Assistant Sub-Inspector. She had always aspired to join the police force, and she realized her dream when she was recruited to the Delhi Police in the year 2006. Seema belongs to the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, and her father was a farmer. 

Expressing her happiness, Dhaka said that she is content with the appreciation and recognition that she is receiving. She also said that becoming an Assistant Sub-inspector at this early stage of her career was beyond her imagination. 

Seema Dhaka heard about the out-of-turn promotion initiative by the Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava for the police officers involved in tracing the missing children. She was already handling molestation cases but wanted to do more. Hence she requested her seniors to allow her to take up the missing children. She then set a target of 2 months for herself and traced 76 children who had been separated from their families. Many cases dated back to the year 2013. 

Dhaka said that she considers her job as a social service and is overwhelmed by the blessings she receives in return to her service. She is a mother to an 8-year-old son, and her husband is also a Head Constable. She said that due to her work, she is not able to give much time to her family, but her in-laws have always been supportive of her. 


With the news of coronavirus vaccine being developed in different parts of the world, a positive ray can be seen. India is closely monitoring several options to tackle the pandemic. 

The Serum Institute of India (SII) located in Pune is developing Oxford’s potential COVID-19 vaccine. It is being considered one of the viable options. 

Indigenously developed COVAXIN has also shown positive trends in the previous trials and is going into the third phase of the test very soon. Russia’s Sputnik V is also in the list of viable options and is most likely to enter its third phase of the trial next week. 

The Vaccines developed by Pfizer and Modern Inc. are also being closely observed. It was earlier revealed that Pfizer has over 90% efficacy, but it has storage complications. The vaccines have to be stored at -70 to -80 degrees Celsius. Modern Inc., on the other hand, claims to have over 94.5% efficacy. The Cadila’s Coronavirus vaccine and Biological E vaccine is also said to show promise.

In the first phase, the government plans to provide vaccination to nearly 30 crore people. Healthcare will be in the priority list as they are the most susceptible group in the pandemic situation. The infection risk to these people is comparatively more considerable.

Experts are optimistic that the government will definitely get success from one of these five candidates. Vaccination will hopefully be available soon, and normalcy will be attained. This positive trend of vaccine development is being seen as a good sign, but carelessness at any point is not being advised. Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing will keep everyone safe from the virus. 

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