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Sports Boarding Schools In India

Sports Boarding Schools

A boarding school is a place where the students stay in the school campus itself, unlike a day school where students have to go back to home after classes get over. The boarding school provides all the facilities like the mess and hostel facilities. The boarding schools have proper warden and hostel staff for every hostel and proper mess workers who prepare food for the students. The students have to take their meal at a scheduled time only after which the mess gets closed. All the other facilities required by the students are taken care of by the school authorities, the boarding school has its gym, swimming pool, sports court for different sports, sports ground, etc. 

Nowadays the schools and parents both have understood the importance of sports in a kids life that is why the parents are searching for a school which gives enough attention to both the academics and the sports part. That is why boarding schools nowadays are involving sports activities in the daily curriculum of schools. They involve a variety of sports activities in the curriculum and provide all the facilities for different types of sports. Along with the sports facilities they even provide a trainer for the respective sports so that they can get an insight into different kinds of sports. The boarding schools in India also organise different types of competitions so that the kids have a zeal to learn new kinds of things. 


Importance Of Sports In Students Life

Studies are a vital part of a students life, but sports also play a significant role in developing the mind and physical fitness of students. Here are some ways in which sports benefits students life

  • Physical fitness

Involving in sports activities develops the physical body of a child, the body and mind of the child remain healthy and active if he is engaged in some sports activity daily.

  • Develops team spirit

Some sports also involve working in a team, and this teaches students to cooperate with one another and to work in a group. Sports like basketball, football develops team spirit in students.

  • Gives mental strength

Sports also makes children mentally tough. You have to deal with various obstacles and challenges when you play a particular sport. This teaches a lesson for life, i.e. to focus on your goals and to work to achieve them.

  • Builds confidence
  • A very vital part of life is to have confidence in you when you have confidence you have achieved many things in your life. Developing confidence can be done by various small tasks, and sports is one such activity which can boost confidence in you. Taking charge of things, listening to others’ opinions and playing together for the team, these all can help a lot in building confidence.


Top Sports School In India

Today most of the boarding schools in India focus on sports facilities for students. As the competition amongst the students is rising day by day, and everyone wants to become an all-rounder, the schools are also including more and more activities in the school curriculum so that the students can become more active. In today’s internet era people are getting more attracted towards social life, video games, television, and this makes children inactive in their real life. This social life takes them apart from real-life happiness and joy; that is why schools are including proper sports activities in the school curriculum. Earlier when sports period was not given any importance, now the school authorities give stress on school activities during the school hours. 

Parents have also understood the importance of sports activities in our day to day life, and thus they search for a school which offers both academic and sports facilities to the students. Here are some of the top boarding sports schools along with the facilities provided by the respective schools

  • Vantage Hall Girls Residential School, Dehradun
    • Basketball
    • Indoor Badminton
    • Tennis
    • Swimming pool
    • Shooting range
  • Sehwag International School, Gurgaon
    • Tennis
    • Swimming
    • Badminton
    • Multipurpose Hall
    • Mini-Golf Course
  • Daly College, Indore
    • Cricket
    • Athletics
    • shooting
  • The Asian School, Dehradun
  • National Sports School, Coimbatore
  • Jain International Residential School, Karnataka
  • Kasiga School, Uttarakhand
  • Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools, Delhi

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