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5 Reasons To Choose A Boarding School In Dehradun

Schooling and education from a boarding school are considered to be the best for the overall personality development of an individual. There are numerous valuable life lessons that a person learns through a boarding school environment. Education in contemporary times is no longer limited to the textual concepts mentioned in the books. It has now transformed into a broader aspect that contributes towards the personality enhancement of a person.


Benefits Of A Boarding School


To get a complete educational experience, a residential school is the best. Here are a few advantages of studying in a boarding school:-

  • Responsibility: Students become more responsible as they no longer have their parents to guide them. They are required to take care of their belongings and needs themselves. Teachers and helpers are available to guide the students, but they are instructed and expected to take care of their essential needs themselves. 
  • Self-Reliant:- Students become independent by living in a boarding school. They follow a particular schedule and learn to organize things. Since parents are not available to guide the children, they also learn to cope up with certain situations themselves.
  • Discipline:- There are many strict rules and regulations prevalent in a boarding school. Students are required to abide by them. There is a tight schedule to be followed, and timings are assigned for every activity like eating, sleeping, studies and extra-curricular work. This makes students disciplined.
  • Communication:- In a boarding school, students from different parts, cultures and backgrounds live together under a common roof. In such a diversified environment, the communication skills of the students improvise. They establish bonds with different people and learn to interact with them. This exposure helps in making them more extrovert and comfortable in general society. They develop qualities like confidence, leadership, interaction, adaptability, etc.

There a many other benefits of a boarding school. Some of the most successful individuals have attained education in a boarding school at some point in their lives. To ensure a successful future and develop a striking personality, residential schools play a crucial role.


Boarding Schools In Dehradun

Dehradun is a famous city in North India and the capital of the state, Uttarakhand. It is well-known as the “School Capital of India” and is perpetually growing as the education hub of the nation. Dehradun homes some of the oldest, well-established and legendary schools in India. The Doon School is a world-renowned school in Dehradun and is also known as the “Eton of the East”. Many revered personalities and leaders like Rajeev Gandhi (ex-PM of India), Lucky Ali (Music composer), Vikram Seth (Author), etc. have gained their schooling from the best boarding schools in Dehradun.


Why Choose A Boarding School In Dehradun?

There are a plethora of reasons that assert the significance of selecting a boarding school in Dehradun. Here are some highlights:-


  • Immaculate Environment

Dehradun is one of the most beautiful cities in India and is surrounded by the enthralling view of the magnificent Himalayan ranges. The surrounding lush green landscapes form a perfect environment for the students. The city is clean, and most of the boarding schools are located in a secluded area away from the main city hustle-bustle.


  • Suitable Climate

The climatic conditions in the city Dehradun are very favourable. The temperatures are neither too hot and nor too cold. Students do not face any difficulty and are able to concentrate on their studies better.


  • Infrastructure And Facilities

The infrastructure in the top boarding schools of Dehradun is world-class. They are furnished with all the essential facilities and cater to every need of the students. 


  • Quality Education

The main criteria that define the relevancy and excellence of any school are the quality of education that it imparts. The best schools in Dehradun ensure premium quality education for the students with regards to the academics and co-curricular activities. Progressive methodologies are followed to ensure that the students get the best schooling and college-preparatory education. Co-curricular activities are also given importance, and students are encouraged to participate in various events to discover their potential and improve their skill-sets. Skill development programs are also an essential part of the curriculum.


  • Safety

Dehradun is one of the safest cities in India and hence is considered best for girls. Parents prefer sending their daughters to a boarding school in Dehradun. The crime rate in the city is low, and residents are broad-minded. The significant crowd living in the town is made of students and aspirants, hence creating a safe learning environment for the students.

International Boarding schools in Dehradun are the best and in demand. If you are looking for a right boarding school for your child that ensures quality education in a safe environment, then Dehradun is among the top cities of India. The students from these schools have a charming personality and the capability to ace any field in which they venture into.

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