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Why To Choose Ecole Globale School For Your Girl?

School provides a readily accessible & structured environment for studying & learning. And, if it’s a boarding school, it gives your child the confidence and hopes to fulfill their dreams.

Though one can easily find a good schools in India, but when it comes to the future of kids, then we do broaden our search for finding the best School. In this case, the queen of the hills, Dehradun, is considered as the topmost choice where several schools are in options to choose from. Being the education hub, there are different boarding, private, and day schools in Dehradun.

In the list of boarding schools for girls, Ecole Globale School reserves its position in the top. It was established in the year 2012 and is a fully residential girls’ school located in Dehradun, India.

Reasons Why to Choose Ecole Globale School for your child

Reasons to choose Ecole Globale


1. Student life at Ecole Globale 

Student life at Ecole Globale 

Girls experience life in another way at Ecole Globale. They develop their abilities in almost every sphere of life, including academics, sports, and culture. Life starts at Ecole from the morning pt, because of this, students start their day with a fresh and bright thought. The school staff checks the students’ hygiene on a regular basis. Every child gets the personal attention of the faculty. An hour is organized by the School as a homework hour to clarify your child queries.

The school follows the thought of “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. Here, healthy, nutritious meals are served every day. Apart from academic activities, some of the youth summit, conferences, competitions, etc. are also organized here. The quality education provided by the boarding school creates a character of your child. Girls become confident and independent while studying here.

2. Security of Students at Ecole Globale


Security of Students

When anyone searches for a school for their daughters, then the security of their girl is the most essential factor for parents. School provides your girl, a safe and secure environment for study. It is a reputed boarding school in Dehradun that offers the universal standard of security and high technology facilities so that your girls feel safe while living in the boarding school environment.

Your girl spends their all-time at the boarding environment in Ecole Globale. There are highly qualified doctors and nurses to take care of students. A timely health checkup is given to girls here.

3. Hostel life at Ecole Globale


For junior and senior girls, different rooms are available in the hostel. Ecole Globale has the motive to empower your girls to find out their physical potential and inner creativity.

4. Best Opportunities at Ecole Globale

Best Opportunities at Ecole Globale

Here, girls are provided the best opportunities to find their desire, inspiration, and goals. This boarding school offers an opportunity for the global training of children. There is a well-equipped activity center and a big playground for developing sporting prowess among them. Ecole global provides high-quality academics with extra-curricular activities and different sports facilities. It makes sure the academic improvement of girls and also improves their physical strength.

The school plans its structure of education according to the global trends and future. There are science labs, computer labs, and a perfect library having all advanced features with the requisite equipment. Ecole Globale offers a vast range of sports at the national level and organizes the inter-house competition. For all kinds of games like swimming, shooting, badminton, football, tennis, etc., there are coaches & instructors to help fellow students in sports.

5. Maturity


Ecole Globale provides your girls’, the best environment for enhancing their maturity. Your daughter develops a strong relationship with her age group friends. Many surveys prove that girls mature earlier than boys. Here, your little girl learns to work with each other. Ecole Globale is organizing many extra curriculum activities to increase your girl’s self-confidence.

Ecole Globale School focuses on developing the all-round personality of students. It encourages teamwork spirit in your child’s character with group activities because of this, their leadership & social skills increase day by day.

6. Most trusted

Most trusted

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, It offers education from 4th to higher secondary grades. The school provides the most educated & well-experienced teachers who understand how to teach students well. This school follows the CBSE exams pattern.

Parents and children also believe in Ecole Globale for developing overall personality & growth of children. There are counselors and faculties to help you reach your goals and aims. You do not need to struggle to find the perfect boarding school for your kids. Thus, Ecole Globale School is perfectly suitable for all your needs & expectations.

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