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    Overview of the Finishing school

    The Need of a finishing school

    Age-Old Swiss and European Finishing Schools of yesteryear have always provided young ladies with a strong foundation in all aspects of social etiquette, entertaining and lifestyle appreciation, whilst men had their training through travel and socialization. However, a modern-day finishing school in India needs to incorporate a lot more to help women of today balance their professional and personal life

    1st of its kind:

    We are 1st school in India to Launch an extensive “Finishing School Certification” course preparing students for the life ahead.

    A life transformational certificate program, done over 9 years from class 4 to class 12th will help students become ready to face challenges of personal and professional life along with completing the formal education. From handling discussions and making decisions in the boardroom to ensuring the smooth running of household we train our students to take up each responsibility with perfection.

    Our Program is designed around

    Etiquette Training

    “Teaching children the behavior expected of them is a daily process.” Good manners and etiquette are key to a child’s social success. Our continuous etiquette training program ensures making the day to day etiquette a part of our girls’ personality. From teaching them basic courtesies to dining etiquette, from social networking etiquette to how etiquette varies in different parts of the world ‘we focus on everything to ensure bringing in the social confidence that will set them up on road to success.

    Personal Enhancement

    From building a strong personality to equally emphasizing on appearance and style. Our modules cover all the aspects of being well-groomed and confident from inside out. Each session of the personality enhancement course is designed to cover a particular concept through various practical exercises, role-plays, talks, discussions, and presentations.

    Attitude Building

    Although it’s impossible to fully control life events, one can control reactions to what happens. This attitude enables one to develop the strength to deal with life’s challenges. We train our children to develop a positive attitude early in life, which makes positive thinking a habit that can ease the pressures associated with growing up.

    Life Skills

    We work with our girls on essential life skills to ensure that they are ready for the challenges of personal and professional life ahead. Be it being a perfect hostess and planning and cooking a meal at home or delivering a presentation at work for the business deal our girls are equipped with essential skills to manage both with equal ease.

    Social Awareness

    Social awareness is an integral part of our finishing school training, we ensure that our girls our continually sensitized forwards various causes are encouraged to find solutions for the various issues of social concern. Our projects include Random act of kindness, Adopt and restore, Grow and Eat and many more.