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    As the President of Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, it gives me immense pleasure to interact with you through this platform. We have forever believed in our core ethos, which comprises of enthusiasm, vibrance and positivity and always attempt to incorporate them in every decision we take for the benefit of the girls here at Ecole. To be able to build honest, courageous, confident and responsible global citizens out of our students, Ecole remains committed to following a curriculum that is at par with international standards and principles.

    The sacrifice that parents make for their children can never be quantified; however, it is my honour to extend my gratitude to you, dear parents, to entrust the responsibility of the overall development of your child onto us. The well-being of each and every girl at Ecole is paramount to us and we fully recognize the efforts you have made in the good upbringing of your children and by investing in their education. We aim to strike a balance between the financial realities of families connected to our School, with the operational needs of the Institute.

    There is a thin line between knowing your potential and fully exploiting your potential. At Ecole Globale, we strive to make future leaders identify their strengths and work on their shortcomings with a determined and positive spirit. For the 360 degree growth of each child at the School, we take action to mould them into intellectually brilliant, emotionally mature, ethically sound and physically fit individuals. Our carefully-crafted curriculum makes it convenient for students to build these traits gradually, as they get accustomed to the life and culture at Ecole. It is through reading, debates, discussions and pondering that students learn to appreciate the various tenets of the type of education they are receiving.

    I am especially proud to have a dedicated and hardworking team of faculty members, who diligently work with the girls to lead them to success. It is a joint effort of parents, teachers and students that propels the students in the direction that is the most beneficial for their progress. I urge you to always stay connected with the School and continue supporting us in our endeavors to take the children to greater heights in the future!

    Best Wishes,
    Amarjeet Juneja
    President, Ecole Globale International Girls’ School