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    1. If a student is withdrawn or does not join before the start of the academic year, the Registration, Admission and Term Fees shall be forfeited in favour of the school and the remaining Imprest and Security fees shall be refunded.

    2. Parents who withdraw their child mid-term will not be entitled to any refund of fees and the security will be forfeited in favour of the school.

    3. Parents who propose in advance to withdraw their child in a given term, must give due notice in writing to the Principal no less than 90 days before the start of the given term, failing which the security deposit will also be forfeited.

    4. Refunds if any, including the security, will be made after the school Audit in December. None of the above mentioned rules & regulations is exhaustive in nature and the Principal has the right to exercise his/her discretion to withdraw or grant a privilege.

    5. The withdrawal must be applied for by giving an application to the Principal in writing. No verbal intimation is accepted.

    6. School leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues has been done.